Place ReviewNFL Playoffs Week 1: Oyster. Cos 'Top Places to Stay

NFL Playoffs Week 1: Oyster. Cos ‘Top Places to Stay

With the Superbowl in view (in the super-glam town of Indianapolis, no less), do-or-die playoff games say substantial gatherings, crazed enthusiasts and tons of hotel reservations for the foregoing. We reviewed the plan for this weekend and created our own options for napping, that’s it.

STEELERS V BROCKS IN DENVER, COTop Spot to Sleep: The Oxford Hotel

Why: You don’t have to worry about Fido, loading your iPhone charger or receiving around the downtown when you strand out at the Oxford Hotel. All of the beds are oversized, Animals are welcome and the appropriate towncar service is offered within a 2-mile radius. After you stream, Tim Tebow puts on what’s surely going to become a fascinating performance, you can have a drink at The Cruise Room Bar, the ancient in most of Denver.

FALCONS V GIANTS IN NEW YORK, NY Top Spot to Sleep: Sheraton TriBeCa New York Hotel

Why: Apart from boasting a good location and very decent prices, the Sheraton TriBeCa New York hotel also offers available Wi-Fi to visitors looking to place an online pre-game gamble (legitimatly, the only difference is how he thinks he hasn’t received yet) or check in with the receptionist before blackouts. The big bar, club that’s open late and accessible to the Holland Tunnel (a. K. A. The Way to Giants Stadium) Make this one a no-brainer.

LIONS V SAINTS IN NEW ORLEANS, Top Spot to Sleep: Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans

Why: Located in the New Orleans Central Business District, Wyndham is just a handful miles from the Saints residence, the Louisiana Superdome. And with QB Drew Brees likely to put on a display for his homestate (and to the Detroit Lions), Saints enthusiasts are certainly going to have to post-victory, the hotel has a 24-hour room for that objective. The beds are very luxurious, but many come with furniture, great for your friend who had a handful beers too many.


Top Spot to Sleep: Magnolia Hotel Houston (Summary and pictures available shortly!)

Why: the only rooftop pool in Houston, the Magnolia Hotel is well a few of the city’s prime locations. Guests can kick off the night off with an available celebration beer or glass of wine at the hotel’s night welcome table, or clean the drum drum “The compass is a large portion of the upper body and is mainly used in the middle of a broad range of activities” they’re getting facepaint off of themselves in the huge bathroom. If the game is more like a business hideaway, no need to come back to the desk: the room is one of the most friendly we’ve ever seen. Make sure to just go to your roommates who are Cowboys enthusiasts.


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