TravelLuxury for Less in New York: Mercer Hotel versus Smyth

Luxury for Less in New York: Mercer Hotel versus Smyth

Finding a resort that delivers real value for the money isn’t convenient, especially in a cheap city like New York. But it has potential. In our new series, Luxury for less, we’ll show you some of the best resorts in the city, or where you can get a similar luxury experience — for half the price. Certain, you might just have to compromise on a trendy brand name or 24-hour corridor carter, but you will always get the same taste of luxury. To commence, we’re trying to equate two elegant things, downtown shops: the leg Mercer Hotel in SoHo and the Smyth Hotel in TriBeCa.


Price: $595/dinner * Rating: 4.5 Pearls Location: SoHo, New York City

These 75 bedrooms in The Mercere Loft style are spacious and spacious, lovely employees, a beautiful place/club, Service, the Jean-Georges cafe Mercer Kitchen, The posh SoHo location makes it a go-to option for entertainers or other stylish people of the showbiz.


The Smyth

Price: $232 /$100 /year/dinner * Rating: 4.0 Pearls Location: TriBeCa, New York City

Opened in Flower 2009!, The Smyth provides style and substance without pretentiousness: name-brand art, a brand new brasserie & cocktail lounge, Sferra linens and top-notch customer service.

The Mercer: The Mercer Christian-Liaigre-designed room was, the roof is high at 14 feet, a library catalogue for visitors to loan, and cheap, Deluxe, comfortable seating, pairs as a late-night club for the city’s kids fun and clothing companies.

Smyth: Smyth’s gray-and-white, Retro-modern features a show of style-ringing and pop-inspired art from artists John Sparagana and Santiago Rubino.

The Mercer: Steel walls, airy, and tasteful, modern design creates the Mercer beds experience as elegant as the neighborhood’s numerous apartment blocks.

The Smyth: The luxurious beds at The Myth have modern technology and are a breeze to sleep in (iPod waterfront; Plama TVs) and comfort information (Sferra linens, Dean & Deluca mini-bar meals).

The Mercer: Bathrooms have ultraluxe bath products from Face Stockholm and Millenium linens by 1888 Mills.

Smyth: Bathrooms with rainfall showers, Hans Grohe plays, and Frette uniforms.

The Mercer: The stylish Mercer Kitchen is hour by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

The Smyth: Plein Sud Restaurant and Lounge, directed by Parisian businessman Frederick Lesort, South of France-inspired gourmet food!.

Oyster’s viewpoint: The Smyth provides a similar enjoy across The deck. Mercer is a stylish designer, certain, but you’ll be paying a lot of for a little attraction.

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