TravelLos Angeles Outpost of Ace Hotel Sells for $ 103 Million

Los Angeles Outpost of Ace Hotel Sells for $ 103 Million

Though it came on the market a year earlier, the iconic United Artists building — residence to the Los Angeles outpost of the Ace Hotel and the United Artists Theater — finally sold initially of the month for a great $ 103 thousand. Enthusiasts of the Legacy Hotel worried it could possibly mean the downfall of the hotel or at least the collapse of the hotel, major changes which would change the whole feeling. Everyone can relax; owners, the Chesapeake Lodging Trust, discovered that there will be “no changes to staff, management, or daily operations.”. We think it’s great news!, since we love it and so it is!  Opened in 2014, the 182-room Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles has a great song concept, and several of the industrial-chic, dimly lit rooms are equipped with Martin Guitars and Ace x Rega vinyls, and also a picked selection of vinyl records. Most — from Small to Ace Suites — involve available Wi-Fi, Flat-screen TVs, posted on June 24,2007 by jeranw t eadeben, Rudy’s Toiletries, and Pearl+detergents. Upstairs, The rooftop bar provides activity every evening, there’s also a rooftop pool with amazing scenery!. The on-site cafe, L. A. Book, provides zippy American gourmet. Planet Juice provides cold-pressed beers, while the Coffee Counter retains everybody’s Coffee.  

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