TravelKid-friendly San Francisco: Playgrounds near the sights

Kid-friendly San Francisco: Playgrounds near the sights

Sometimes a kid just has to be a kid. After attending the interior exhibitions and museums of San Francisco, face off, on the playground. There are three great playgrounds near the attractions.

Chinese Playground (Sacramento Street, between Kearny and Grant): Take a break from the snack stores and the hotpot eateries and face this city playground. The pagoda-roofed structure makes you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore – you’re in Chinatown. Better for the youthful fix, This playground has a large playground, variety of presentations and a flimsy wooden bridge. It is easy to walk from the Hilton San Francisco Financial District.

Playground Alamo Square (Steiner and Grove Street): After checking out San Francisco’s legendary “Painted Ladies” (the lavishly spacious and brilliant Victorian apartments), see a child’s version on Alamo Square playground. The aesthetic cladding features transport over, with a timber hull and three separate decorated cottages in a line. The kids will enjoy The pitches with an outlook, and you won’t get tired of them while you’re looking at San Francisco’s mountains. Take the van to the Hotel Whitcomb.

Golden Gate Park Children’s Playground (a. K. A. Koret Children’s Quarter) (Bowling Green Drive near MLK Jr Drive and Kezart street): After attending the California Academy of Science, let the children run off their electricity at the recently renovated park mainstay. Great for teenagers large and small, it claims a long, curly concrete move (offer boxes or make friends with everyone who has a part), a vast desert area, tons of gardens to drive on, enjoy the buildings, and a web-like hiking structure. Staying at the family-friend Laurel Inn.

– Debbie Abrams Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink

[Credit: Photo: Carnesaurus]


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