Popular PlacesIs the Algonquin Hotel in New York spooky?? One host tells them...

Is the Algonquin Hotel in New York spooky?? One host tells them all about

Just for Halloween!, we have another spooky hotel saga for you!. This one arrives from user Kat, who authored in to ask us all about their possess spooky hotel enjoy after we went along with the saga of the hotel “duppy encounter” in Jamaica: We just returned from a stay at The Algonquin in NYC, our favorite hotel. I’ve never considered it as spooky but I value its historic past. Nevertheless, keeping a woman from this (a slightly freaky, but not a spirit) stated are you experiencing anything on your part of the hotel? My first thought was seismicity? I jokingly said no the round bar wouldn’t sit at the location they weren’t exactly a happy lot – why else would they hang around? Then I mentioned in a past keep I was also on the lift and I listened to the music “I’m In The Mood For Love” and I jokingly asked who was singing it – or to my husband and a fellow passenger thinking about it? They responded as if I were nuts and I secretly enjoyed the conversation alot??

That night I heard moving furniture (as if on a wooden floor) twice and I was completely awake – but since I’m so fond of Dorothy and her gang, I know she’s not harmful – I wasn’t afraid to take a flight. The Next day we are in the lobby waiting to go up and the doors open to a woman who has luggage and is exasperated. I said are you getting off – she said no she was trying to get to her floor. I laughed, entered the elevator and made a joke about it really being haunted, but since we are regulars here we’ll ride to her floor and see her off safely! Meanwhile it stopped at every other floor – opened to no one and closed – we finally got her to the 9th floor and returned to the 5th safely. I am thrilled to have this story to tell and look forward to doing so – I’m much better at talking to others than writing one, but maybe I’ll have to make the effort… Oh and one more time we were on the elevator which is tiny and 7 other people squu “I feel claustrophobic simply because you’re near me.” to the tune of this “I’m in the mood for love.” It had been printed by Dorothy Fields – a contemporary of the vicious circle – although it could just be a past lift driver who lingers out there! Freaky. Someone else has an Algonquin ghost saga? Write in!!


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