TravelInsider Scoop: This week, Hotel Gossip Featuring Cameron, Scar Jones -, and...

Insider Scoop: This week, Hotel Gossip Featuring Cameron, Scar Jones -, and More!

Celeb gossip is often ringing — whether it be for a make-up or a fragrance, the fact is, it’s all about expressing a positive vibe to a celebrity, a breakup, an incident, or a shock, celebrities are creating the news everyday. And frequently their breaking news is still in some direction connected to a hotel. That’s where we are available. Not just does Oyster have all the celeb information suitable for a write up (but some, that’s basically not — we’re a site, even so!), we have all the details about where everything went. Check out the updated celeb and hotel gossip after the move.

On Tuesday, Cameron Diaz appeared in London to promote What to Expect When You Expect a Surprise. She looked lovely as standard on the red carpet, but even when exiting the Sanderson, where the after-party was kept, yes, she stared like she had finished some hard-partying. Tabloids say she was incapacitated but we think that messy hair may have just been the brand of some punk dancers! See more pictures of Sanderson
A spokesperson for Revlon said, the artist (and bride-to-be) Halle Berry attended the launch of Whipped Creme cosmetics on Tuesday at the elegant Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. See more pictures of the Gramercy Park Hotel
On Saturday dinner, Scarlett Johansson had been enjoying festivities at the Redbury’s Cleo in L. A. A. Unlike Diaz, nevertheless, Johansson appeared mellow by Hollywood standards; She was only two hours away, also a quaffed margarita, and named it dinner by ten o’ clock. C ‘mon, ScarJo! Do shocking things to get Ryan’s attraction. Check out further pictures of The Redbury »
Are they on or off?? Sofia Vergara’s position on Nick Loeb has been a hot topic of debate in the week that prompted the election. First they have been apparently off, then on, and off then… But a current run-in old Tuesday dinner at the Loews Regency, New York City has some considering they’re home ON and yet again. Nevertheless, Maybe they just wanted to sort it out, witnesses say they both were angry. See more pictures of the Loews Regency New York City.

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