Hot PlacesIn the Spotlight: The Waldorf Astoria Chicago

In the Spotlight: The Waldorf Astoria Chicago

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The Westdorf Astoria provides top-of-the-range comfort in Chicago. With a comfortable cushion cover, shop experience — and yet all the facilities of a big restaurant — the 188-room Waldorf accommodates to bleisure visitors. Stylish guest rooms with neutral tones, style furniture, and beautiful stone washroom that offers different rain and moisture baths, as well as TVs recessed in the cameras. Two upscale restaurants are featured (one with two Michelin stars), a good bath, and a health club with extensive services and an interior lap pool. Plus, the bonus points, the location of the hotel in the fashionable Gold Coast area puts it within walking distance of the most upscale stores, eateries, and sights. I’ll remember you? Check out further pictures of the restaurant after the move or review our summary today!>>


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