Travel GuidesIn the Spotlight: The Borgata Hotel Spa, Atlantic City

In the Spotlight: The Borgata Hotel Spa, Atlantic City

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Still seeking a New Year’s Eve club for such a vacation? This behemoth hotel and restaurant on the eastside of Atlantic City is a centre of fun the whole time, and presumably the city’s finest location. The 2000-room estate (which launched in 2003) The harbour at Renaissance Pointe is neglected. Floor-to-ceiling doors keep beds colorful, The rooms are well-appointed with comfortable pillows, large iPod waterfront, big stone washroom with big moisture baths, and fantastic views of the harbour. Fun is excellent, from masterchef eateries — including Bobby Flay Steak and Wolfgang Puck American Grille — to an Italian-inspired indoor pool, plenty of stores, an efficient venue that welcomes musical performances and entertainers, spa treatments and spa treatments. While it’s indirectly on the popular Atlantic City waterfront, the on-site club beeps at a huge 161,000 square feet, offers visitors plenty of things to do without having to wander around. It quickly reveals itself to be among the most elegant features in the location. Read the full summary here>>


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