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Hubert Keller’s San Francisco Burger Bar

Burger Bar may not be my first option for a breakfast location, but the husband likes a good burger, and I embrace Hubert Keller. Not to mention the Burger Bar was well within the reach of our Hotel suite at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco, in the lovely, Christmas-decorated Union Square McDonald’s.

We sit immediately for our first session: 00 – booked and it had a great view of Union Square and the Christmas forest layout, not to note great food pictures lamps!

sandwiches and beer go well together, I started with an Eel River Organic Porter. It had been delish!

For breakfast, I had the burger with salad, fruit, vegetable, fruits, poblano peppers, and rosemary hollandaise. Burger Bar’s cheeseburger is no locked sausage from a package. It is made of caramelized onions, Quinoa, “Fungi”, vegetable, brown cereals, vegetables, and fruit! I quickly wanted to recreate it at home.

On the team, we discussed the pepper overcooked desserts. Can overcooked desserts be all on the table at the restaurant, I have to get them!

My hubby messed up with the various settings. He loved them all, But gave a big nod of approval to the animal sliding.

My burger was big and quite stuffed. Most of the healthy ingredients, and the pizza I chose, created for a delicious and massive meal.

As you may see, I had to retreat to feeding with a split because the burger was half the size I encounter

I hardly ate a quarter of it and was completely full. The food at Burger Bar was indeed excellent, particularly for you burger-lovers. The customer, nevertheless, He was a little aggressive, and stimulated a talk between my hubby and me about our feeding acceleration and foodservice. He’s super fast tasting, and I am verrrrrry quietly. When our computer had seen his grill largely vacant, She regained repetitively to try and take it, but I’ve not made a dent in the pit. I disliked feeling pressured on the trip and possibly actually ate below I would have if I experienced extra comfort. I’m sure my quiet feeding can be frustrating, but I just like to experience feeding but never end up very hungry because I always am aware of how filled I am. It works for me!

Overall, The Burger Bar is worth a visit if you like sandwiches, with a great outlook, and have become a supporter of celebrity chef Hubert Keller. Maybe sitting at the bar might have contributed to a very fast food burger, I did this way last time.

Are you a quiet or fast eater? When you are feeding or purchasing the food items, go outside and try them!, you prefer constant attention from the employees, or like me, You can really be alone?


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