Place ReviewHow to Survive Austin City Limits Music Festival in 5 Easy Steps

How to Survive Austin City Limits Music Festival in 5 Easy Steps

Some of my favorite memories from the years I lived in Austin come from the four Austin City Limits Musical Festivals I visited. From world-renowned singers including Arcade Fire and the Eagles, to legends artists such as Stevie Wonder and Kanye West, the musicianship I saw at the six-day activity (which happens on Saturdays two weeks after) it was extraordinary. Not to mention, I have been able to sample delicious food from Austin-based restaurants — or even place some celebrities in the viewership — even while moving out from my roommates.  

Despite the terrible greatness of the vacation, tho, able to attend ACL can be tiring, the temperature can there can be unexpected (and/scabrously warm or pouring rain), Finding a place to stay can be hard on the cash. But after the festival, multiple times, I discovered a few essential suggestions for having survived one of several colds, Must-attend Activities in Austin. Here are five steps to get you through Austin City Limits this year, Which shoes are off September 30.  

Step 1: Avoid Big-Name Hotels

I stayed in Austin once I traveled to ACL, I didn’t get through the sometimes frustrating process of finding a place to stay. Throughout the weekend the festival plays, Hotel rates are sky-high and sometimes hard to secure. In order to have the better bang-for-your-buck, Avoid the big-name hotels inside city center and South Congress such as the W Austin and Hotel San Jose; these sometimes server the skill themselves, assume that prices are double their typical price. Alternatively, settle for a mid-range estate that’s farther from the activity; certain!, it’ll take a longer ride, but they’re so much cheaper and you won’t be around the hotel except maybe to nap.  

Our Hotel Pick-up:

Step 2: Pick Your Must-See Artists and Have a General Plan

There are thousands of musicians playing at the festival each day across multiple stages, you need to pick and choose the are all on your true, neither, and maybe records. The ACL website makes it convenient by allowing you to create a custom plan that you can discuss with roommates. After choosing the must-see activities, decide if you want to jump around steps during the day and go to one venue to see all the musical acts there.  

While normally I drifted between steps and seeing my faves previously in the day, once in the evening, I trapped out at The venue where The Strokes and Arcade Fire would be fronting for dinner to get safe to my location. In the end they charged off, as I was in the first several lines of both of their concerts. Both have been tested to determine their eligibility for promotion as Both of our prizes, each venue has an hour efficiency and also an hour split, so you can sit down and wait for the next 60 minutes, hopping, and gyrating.  

Step 3: Bring Provisions

If you will be the first to review but one depart ACL, you would end up spending 11 hours in Zilker Park (where the festival takes place). Sure, unless you don’t remember going to shell out as wet (and pending in long lines for it), it’s worth it. Promoters allow each audience to carry two closed water bottles, as well as empty containers and CamelBaks to screen at the wet port. In the often harsh Texas warm, getting wet was indeed essential. It’s kind of like “waking of the sun” – no kidding, but there’s more to it than “the sun – and a different kind of sun, outdoors meals but anything to sip besides wet is not available, hideaway meals at your own risk. Adequate amazing Austin restaurants, including East Side King, Mighty Cone, Torchy’s Tacos will be selling food on-site, so don’t worry about getting dizzy while watching Kendrick Lamar. (Unless you’re that much of a supporter.)

Step 4: Bring Gear for Unpredictable Weather

My first period at ACL I had been woefully unprepared when it began flowing. I didn’t have an organisation or robe, rain boots, or even a beanie. (Many clubbers at the current Governor’s Ball in New York City found themselves in a similar predicament.) Texas weather is often unpredictable, and I’ve had the spectroscopy done at ACL, so it’s better to plan for both the greatest and the most rainy days. For sunny weather, bag suncream, a cowboy hat, and worn, and stick to light clothing.  

In case of rain, offer a robe, moisture coat with cap, or organisation if you must — if you won’t have several enthusiasts can you hold an umbrella in front of people attempting to observe the display. Here’s a high chance of moisture, wear clothes you don’t remember destroying; the park’s site turned into a wet place, soggy fuck up as fast as you think. Vintage shoes or rain boots are obviously your buddy, the Ziploc luggage to maintain your camera and equipment dry.  

Step 5: Enjoying Music From a Reasonable Distance!

Between the first and last ACL I visited, The biggest difference was that I stopped pressing my route through the group to be as close as possible to the singers. Can one of your favorite singers indeed be conducting, It’s worth obtaining the sneers and poor appearance to get close and personal with the song. But can there be a group you enjoy going this more seperate route, do yourself a favour and get out of the woods. You can still hear the communities, But you won’t have to go through the laborious process of traveling yourself (or God forbid, a big team of you) through the packed tight group. After being walked on and jammed numerous times, you know why the kids who sit far away from the concert in the garden look so happy.  


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