Popular PlacesHow do I Bridge the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?

How do I Bridge the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?


The famous San Francisco logo: Above a team of shuttle buses, the Golden Gate Bridge draws thousands of visitors each year, and numerous visitors per day, notwithstanding the mobs ‘$6 eastbound traffic. Walking and cycling on the Bridge are available in both directions, but make sure you know where you’re going before you go out into the clouds!

Walking and BikingThe best route to enjoy the great views from the Golden Gate Bridge is to walk or slide along the wheelchair-accessible footpath. The path seems to be laid and nearly flat, the mile-plus walk (a technique) it can be a lot of work. Is it cloudy, the cold can haunt you. With only the briefest of splits between the path and the route, the sounds are debilitating and the vapours blow away in the endless crosswinds air.

Driving Across the BridgeIf you’re not able to get to the Golden Gate Bridge on your own electricity, do so, take a ride over the short period of time. It’s better to take a van or a cab instead of a car yourself, so you can stare longingly at the Bay to the region and the Pacific Ocean to the Americas. On the road, it can take up to five minutes to complete the plan.

Getting There by Car19th Street plays through San Francisco, eventually turning onto Highway 1 at the base of the Bridge. Guide the signage to the “Last San Francisco Exit” the day before the toll booths on the San Francisco team get into the tiny, metered parking lot at the ground of the bridge. Parking lot at the windows on the east side of the bridge has cheaper road tax rates. From there it’s a, the view across the Bay shows the San Francisco landscape at its best with very little walking needed.

Both parking lots have handicapped badge rooms.

Public TransitMUNI roads # 28 and even a dozen Golden Gate Transit roads end in the south windows direction parking lot. Golden Gate Transit van # 10 halts near the north cygwin link parking lot twice a day. You can walk across the bridge one way or the other, take the bus home to your starting point.

Buses in San Francisco are often wheelchair accessible.

Sitting DownPlentiful chairs make it easy to sit at both the north and south Glasgow locations. The chairs are tough and strappy, but usually clean and they’ve got excellent opinions. But on the bridge, there’s no place to sit and stop. The best you can do is transport your own super-small chair. Normally, you’re locked in the street, slanted against a steel girder, which isn’t comfortable at all.

Eating & DrinkingThere’s a fixed coffee and coffee waiting in the south end car park that doesn’t offer coffee.

Restrooms Private bathrooms elegance both the south and north cygwin linked carparks. Do you have an option, use the washroom on the north side of the bridge. They’re fresher, cheaper packed, and available extra regularly.

If you are staying at the Laurel Inn or the Huntington Hotel, it’s not difficult to take public transportation or drive to the Golden Gate Bridge.

– Liz Hamill Scott of eatswritesandleaves. Travelswithpain. Com. The


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