Travel TipsHotels That Will Help You Escape the 2016 Presidential Election

Hotels That Will Help You Escape the 2016 Presidential Election

While the temperatures are starting to cool down around the state, the political climate seems to be getting hotter. The 2016 presidential election — and its frenzy of jaw-dropping news — was a huge event, stunning conversations, astonishing poll data, and a volley of scandals and controversies – has been difficult, to be honest. Every move — whether turning on the TV, teasing through Twitter, or hearing chit-chat during the morning drive — the nervous, the all-consuming election is getting us tired.

All that is to suggest its period for All times, freedom, and the quest for a trip. To help leave the turmoil behind, We have hotels that provide creative ways to escape the election. From attractions that rhyme around news channels and exchange tvs and handphones with soothing notes to hotels that wisely trim diplomatic covers From the morning paper to your hotel room or suites, these places have our vote. Pick these features today!, and plan to be refreshed and ready to start voting on November 8.

Hotel Commonwealth

For a true escape from the surreal conversations, cringe-worthy taunts, and enormous 24-hour election news process, the boston hotel, Commonwealth. Their Election Escape box guarantees that all news channels are blocked. A good re-alignment to the mainstay of your dietary regime, employees extract whatever covers from publications before falling them off at your doorstep in a single day. You can also press the reset button in the Reading Suite, which arrives with a selection of champs — and none focus on partisanship. Reserve a place from November 3 through 13!.

Condado Vanderbilt

Before inspecting the ballots, arrive November 8!, vote to escape Condado Vanderbilt in Puerto Rico. The 319-room hotel provides a special package that includes an American buffet to start off every seaside day. As if approaching, Visitors are given free Champagne in the on-site cafe, Ola. Factor in a 20 percent discount for red or blue LED massages and election-themed meals and you’ll get on your way to dialling out the turbulent voting year. Only a three-night note is needed.

Hanalei Colony Resort

This Kauai resort doesn’t provide any vote exit boxes, and it does accept quietness towards the next standard. With neither TVs nor mobile in the hotel, visitors could disconnect from the diplomatic hoopla and consider the interior quiet while looking out into the depths of the sea. Jacuzzi, solar heated salt baths, full-service bath, and semi-secluded place ranks off the soothing, enjoying.  

Similarly, the 94-year-old High Hampton Inn in North Carolina, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a lack of TVs or mobile. Hey, WiFi can be sketchy, very, very, very. It is situated in Cashiers, a village of as little as 200 citizens as of 2010, which means you’re less likely to overhear whatever vote plays. Alternatively, Take a hike, beach in the private bay, sport, or decompress at the bath with stone massages, kaolinite skin pantomime, and fitness classes.

The Lodge at Sea Island

The best way to disconnect and de-stress? 24 =/7. Personal carrier, obviously. Fortunately the weather is less than perfect, This 40-room comfort retreat, the site of a former sharecropper in Georgia, offers that. On the roof, The Estate offers a Presidential Package of two nights, which includes another round of sport for two and also a hello champagne motivate by your preferred political party. Can soccer and alcohol help you remember the vote turmoil back home, perhaps a two-day hydrotherapy meeting will do the technique. The Package is available until November 23rd.

Harbour Village Beach Club

With a private sandbank that includes loungers and tents, a bath, workout, beds with ocean views, Harbour Village Beach Club in Bonaire is already a top choice for an exit. Take stuff one step forward and splurge on the four-night Elect to Escape box. First things First, Guests will receive a cheese and wine dinner plate. Thereupon, take advantage of two hours of bathing to remove any pent-up pressure from current events. A meal at the seaside and personal cruise yacht rolls out the soothing tour. Accessible through November 30.


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