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Hotels for $120/mo/Night in 10 of the Most Expensive hotels in the World

Last year, Bloomberg published a list of the world’s most expensive hotel cities, we were shocked so here San Francisco took the top position, and although we do know it’s one of several largest cities in the world, in the. As New Yorkers, charging some of the biggest rents for the lowest rooms, We’re obsessed with finding out which kind of room you get with your money — so it relates to hotels very much. Sure, we’ve taken a look at 10 cities around the world and compared rates and see what you can get with $100 less or purchase a piece of land. Let’s just suggest, we are learning sai suastiastu.

Considering the said San Francisco maintains the top location as its most expensive hotel city in the world, it’s not too much of a surprise that we had a few of those trouble finding a decent place for $ 100/night over our picket vacation in May. Sure, we decided to start with number two on the select box: Geneva, Switzerland, and afterwards incorporated into another one of our favourite places around the world for added effect.  

Are you shocked by the offers or not-so-deals?? Let us remember the responses!  

1. Geneva: CityHostel Geneva

Rocking up to Geneva with a spend of $ 100 or less a night on a motel isn’t useless, but your choices are limited. We noticed a location in a hostel, not a hotel — for $ 95/night. The good news is you’ll be ready to grab your own simple, but stylish hotel, full with a single bed, composing office, and toiletries. The bad news is you’ll share a bathroom!. But we think it’s a small price to charge with such a discount on a stay in the world’s second most expensive hotel city.  

2. Los Angeles Stay On Main Hotel and Hostel

Stay on Main. Hotel and Hostel is located right in the middle of the city. A. The vibrant city center situation. The above big high-rise estate is a steal at about $ 66 per night when you consider it’s within easy walking distance of various attractions, has plenty of room, seems to be surprisingly spotless and styled — and therefore is situated in the world’s ninth most expensive hotel city. However, someone might shy from it the murder bargain once they understand that all this supposedly wretched hotel has so a black past that it was used as the enthusiasm for the American Horror Story: Hotel setup.  

3. Edinburgh: Cairn Hotel Edinburgh

The full breakfast brunch may cost you extra, for $ 97/Dinner at the Cairns Hotel Edinburgh, You will be at a clean and stylish hotel, a light and cheerful atmosphere, and central location in New Town. Entrance to popular spots in the town is easy if you jump in a van or don’t remember a move; and also, the hotel even has family rooms for budget-minded visitors with children. Not too poor for the sad number 13 locations on the world’s select for the most expensive hotel towns.  

4. Negril: Catcha Falling Star Resort

If you are looking for stunning views and adrenaline-pumping on-site events in Jamaica that won’t break the bank, Check out Negril’s three-pearl Catcha Falling Star Resort where you can scoop up a spotless and pleasant seaside hotel for $ 95/dinner. While buffet and location transports might price you extra, take advantage of the beautiful sea views, cliff jumping, and access to the available underwater facilities.

5. Melbourne: Mercure Melbourne Albert Park

While Sydney may be on the list of the most expensive hotel towns, we noticed that you can still get a lot of money in Melbourne without having to go to a guesthouse. For $ 61/dinner you can take at Albert Park, close to St. Augustine. Kilda at the Mercure Melbourne Albert Park. It has a heated pool and bath, workout, bar, and cafe your own — yes, You have to share these facilities with other visitors.  

6. Kyoto: Urban Hotel Kyoto

Basically a rob for any major city in Japan, $ 61/Dinner is what you can charge for the beds at the Urban Hotel Kyoto. Certain, Is not a very central hotel, although it is walking distance to two trains stations, and it has a parlour, Japanese cafe, tiny but spotless beds with flat-screen TVs.  

7. Budapest: Hotel President Budapest

A beautiful photo, beautiful, and stylish four-pearl estate for $ 75/dinner? Yes, pls. President Budapest Hotel, you can take your money to the corridor, receiving you an agree to, available Wi-Fi, a beautiful rooftop terrace, a Michelin-star cafe, as well as some elegant Art Deco design. Beds come with post, coffeemakers), and huge, walk-in rain. There is a charge for food here, car park, then use the fitness center, bathroom, and lagoon.  

8. Cape Town: Cape Heritage Hotel

Heading to the Motherland can get you a family off to a theft. A dinner at Cape Town’s four-pearl Cape Heritage Hotel will only cost you 97, plus you need free breakfast and available Wi-Fi. You don’t always have to purchase an adapter, so all guestrooms are equipped with world-friendly plugs — note posted, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, chandelier, beautiful design and decor, a washroom with deep-soaking baths and luxury toiletries.  

9. Tulum: Green Tulum Cabanas and Gardens

While you may consider Mexico as a discount location, growing places in Tulum are now becoming unexpectedly cheap, especially when you consider why many of the beach resorts are so simple. Nevertheless, there are a few concealed discount jewels out there for $ 100 less than a night, and Green Tulum Cabanas and Gardens. For $ 92/dinner, You can expect easy lodgings, an eatery, lagoon with sip and crisps – customer, and 24-hour welcome — all within a quick car drive of Tulum town. Nevertheless, the above theft is perhaps expensive reduced when it is indirectly on the seaside.  

10. Bali: Centra Taum Seminyak Bali

Perhaps the most amazing consider is the four-pearl $333/dinner Centra Taum Seminyak Bali. The above lovely, this upmarket Balinese hotel has beds with amenities, a bar, cafe, baths, 24-hour workout with rooftop meditating session, lagoons, bicycle rental, and lagoon, and therefore is walking distance to bars, stores, and eateries. But we didn’t suggest that airfare wouldn’t offer you a decent deal

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