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Hotel People are the Happiest People on Earth

Trust us, we here at Oyster get it more than most people — going on vacation is freakin ‘great!. Getaway is really about fun, rest, and the “What happens here stays here” atmosphere, but when you’re on vacation, it seems like nothing can be called “hey flat”. But some websites go a little too far by displaying business features “guests” I’m absolutely ecstatic (and impractical) provinces. We’re pretty sure that the kind of happy you are will only be here if you stay indulging in such entertainment, mmm, “fun.” Depending on the location, maybe you’re still here. It is nevertheless amazing, when we decide where to keep our cold retreat, we generally don’t support it on how happy the user is “guests” on the site seem to have been a bit. Nevertheless, those pictures can be pretty entertaining, sure we gathered some of our faves — review ’em around!!

1. Happiest Feet on Earth

“We’re on a trip, i’m 6″: 30 A. M, and the kids are up and full of energy — fantastic!! Sleep is underrated. ” (Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta)

2. We LOVE Sitting on a Boat in the Sand

“Oh, you need to pay additional fees to accept the lucky animal around? We only have it onsite whereupon, hun — sitting on this is just as enjoyable!” (Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, Jamaica)

3. They Can At Least Laugh about It

“Wait, sure we’re totally lost in the trees?! That’s funny!” (Cardiff Hotel and Spa, Jamaica)

4. Get the Party Started

“If this is false, I don’t ’ll ’t stay proper!” (Temptation Resort Spa Cancun)

5. When Sushi Seems to be a problem, Well, Fishy

“Sushi at a recorded Las Vegas hotel? I’m in Australia!” (New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas)

6. The Secret to a Happy Marriage

“No, you’re the funniest person in Cancun!” (Hotel Riu Cancun)

7. One-Percent Visits The Descent. R.

“Being a member of the Premium Club is just the top! Isn’t it, dear?” (Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe, Dominican Republic)

8. Big Bird Crashes Breakfast

“Don’t stay ridiculous, Big Bird. You’re not obstructing our love of breakfast at all!” (Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Jamaica)

9. It’s a Deep Dish!

“THAT ‘S what Chicago pizza looks like?!” (Palomar Hotel Chicago)

10. Illegal Crusade

“I hate to wreck the present, but y ‘all remember I can’t legitimately drive slowly until you buckle up, proper?” (Hotel Wailea, Hawaii)

11. And More Illegal Cruisin ‘

“You’re right! Fishing is so much more fun when the boat is stolen!” (The Ridge Luxury Villas at Playa Grande, Los Cabos)

12. What We’ll Do for a Perfect Christmas Card Photo

“I know it feels funny being in a bathing suit in front of a green screen, honey, but the picture is going to be fabulous.” (Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, Jamaica)

13. Laughing through the Pain

“I took out a second mortgage to bet on this one, babe, but no pressure!” (New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas)

14. What’s More Fun Than Fishing??!

“I’ve never been enthusiastic about my palms tasteing like tuna!” (Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas)

15. Shady Lady

“That person in the black dress isn’t big enough to laugh. Something’s not proper” (Hotel Riu Cancun)

16. Gazing into the Distance — Nothing

“What we are supposed to be looking at?” “I do not know — just keep smiling.” (Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe)

17. Make them Laugh

“Uh, I just said something really funny?” (Palomar Hotel Chicago)


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