TravelHotel Face-Off: W Vs. Andaz

Hotel Face-Off: W Vs. Andaz

If you’ve ever battled choosing between two excellent resorts, We feel ya — we’ve got you! In order to end all inflexibility, we created our new facility, Where we compare similar resorts in related sites, but ultimately give you ours “Oyster Pick” the true winner. Imagine of it as your well-traveled best friend (who happened to become a hotel professional) giving you suggestions on how to keep it going. Our first face-off involves the W versus the Andaz – two elegant hoteliers understood to draw observant kids visitors looking to have a good time – in various places. The locations range from New York’s Financial District (the city’s latest up-and-coming leg area), to West Los Angeles, to San Diego — three stylish American towns we only can get any of.  

W New York Downtown

It launched in 2010, the W New York Downtown carried a substantial pill of great to the normally buttoned-up area. The dark colors, great lamps, the architectonic artistic of the place create the above leg downtown hotel worth a visit. The stylish place club and adjacent outdoor terrace are open late, and offer incredible opinions on the Freedom Tower. The hotel is near Trinity Church, Battery Park, and naturally, the 9th/11 Memorial. Beds, sleek and modern, absence the “wow” element of the place, but some visitors may be unhappy there’s no bath, and available Wi-Fi is now only accessible in the place.  

Andaz Wall Street

Sometimes, high design resorts have an off-putting atmosphere of pretension which can make people who visit uncomfortable and out of place. Luckily for the guests at Andaz Wall Street, this is not an example in any way. The rooms in The Andaz were indeed stunning, without being too lively or stylish. The club feels more like an upmarket living room, where a cafe might offer you your morning coffee from a high-end restaurant. The Rooms are large, contemporary, and nicely decorated, if you feel a little plebiscitery. Visitors will appreciate the countless handouts of the hotel (Wi-Fi, breakfast, café things) and the downtown location, the New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, Federal Hall.  

Oyster’s Pick: Andaz Wall Street

We can embrace the W’s amazing places and great views of the Freedom Tower, rooms were rather drab and most have uninspiring opinions. We chose Andaz for its high-end design, large standard rooms, added extras, and countless handouts.  

W Los Angeles Westwood

Though Westwood isn’t the most occurring area in Los Angeles, the W will sometimes make you feel like it is “. The W Los Angeles Westwood claims alcohol and elegance. Each room — from the place, in the guest rooms, the floor was indeed planned with a meticulous attention to detail. Customer experience at the W is exceptional, and also exceptional, which means visitors will also be guided as to whether they’re floating out at the famous bar, restaurant at the on-site cafe, or simply purchasing housekeeping for an unexpectedly large hotel room. Possibility Visitor must be familiar, nevertheless, the W is the closest big hotel to UCLA, so it appears to fill up inside graduation or college activities.  

Andaz West Hollywood

Infamously dubbed the “Riot Hyatt” The Andaz West Hollywood was once a popular music ‘n’ slide hotel which has now been out-shined by the famous neighborhood for Chateau Marmont, the Sunset Tower Hotel, and the Mondrians. Close to the popular bars and nightlife of Sunset strip, the Andaz is a slightly scene-y. The stylish rooftop pool offers spectacular views and great sunbeds. For important Andaz resorts, there are many other facilities available, but some visitors grumble about being sketchy. Rooms, though they hit on sleek-and-modern’s entrance, rather zzzzz are. Blue furniture, lift drapes, and “oh is that my college dorm room mirror being repurposed as a headboard?” don’t make the cut for design-conscious visitors.  

Oyster Pick: W Los Angeles Westwood

While the Andaz might be good for clubs looking to get tough on the evening block, the Andaz isn’t a good place to be, its beds are bland, The estate is overlooked by the more famous neighborhood. We like W for its amazing design concept, bedrooms, and never-ending precision.  

W San Diego Hotel

Attracting mainly business customers and due to its location near the San Diego Concourse, The W San Diego Hotel both provides a younger crowd looking to have a good time. Here’s a cheerful rooftop pool and a famous club on the place. The design of the Hotel is beach themed, with blue walls and golf ball bedding. And they’re a bit narrow, also standard rooms with unique features for seats and mark sheets. Place in Little Italy is just not the most important for tourists to have to look and see all the attractions, but the location has a lively nightlife and a variety of restaurants. Fancier views of Balboa Park and the Gaslamp Quarter are only a short walk away.  

Andaz San Diego

in San Diego’s trendiest area, the Gaslamp Quarter, It’s not unusual that Andaz San Diego draws young visitors looking to have a good time. Residence to the city’s best buying districts, Restaurants, and fun, The Gaslamp Quarter is where the largest metropolitan exterior festive Mardi Gras is held, St. St Patrick’s Day, the list continues. The Beds are large, contemporary, and uniquely designed. The attractive gastropub of The hotel (champagne on plug) The scene-filled rooftop pool is equally popular with visitors and non-guests. Available facilities, like biscuits, breakfast, Wi-Fi, galore, But Andaz is a little away from popular tourist places, The gym is black and crowded, the high-end washroom is tiny.  

Oyster’s Pick: Andaz San Diego

While we like the W’s individual in-room contacts, the occurring place situation, pool on the roof, the Andaz has many related (although not good) includes a better location in the Gaslamp Quarter. A

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