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High Style: Bold Looks from the World’s Best Hotel Designers

One of the most important brands a hotel can feature are those of its designer. A leading hotel designer such as Philippe Starck will help guarantee the destination position of A hotel, so hotels are wise to invest heavily in their room style. And it’s not just classic hotel architects who can bring to the hotel’s allure; there’s a pattern of fashionistas or entertainers turning their skills into resorts, There’s more than enough rings. This nine resort is one of the many stunningly elegant that we’ve seen anywhere.

Hotel Notre Dame, Paris

Many visitors choose this elegant boutique due to its proximity to Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a two-minute walk away. But the above hotel is remarkable for its place: Its 26 weird!, the quirky beds were planned with none other than the style superstar Christian Lacroix. They function in bold styles and marks, as well as natural materials such as sandstone.

SLS Hotel South Beach, Miami

Celebrity hotel designer Philippe Starck is popular for his expressionist style, quirky style, and the SLS Miami is a stunning recent example of his research. (The star-studded old house was in 2012 -). As if it weren’t so, Lenny Kravitz worked with Starck on the layout, creating the above hotel layout a true celebrity tour de force. The style is just The right combination of attractive, delightful, and bizarre.

Viceroy Santa Monica

Kelly Wearstler is known for her boldness, brilliant features that combine Asian themes and also unusual contacts including dog themes (imagine): animal breaks and tile animal lighting). Her models also have a compact concept that connects to the hotel’s design, past, and view. The Viceroy Santa Monica has a Colonial Britain concept (memo the Chinese screens on the buildings).

Tortuga Bay, Dominican Republic

Tortuga Bay also has a beautiful setting pond (miles of ocean front and 1km from the sea, 500 nature reserves) it also has nice, spacious residences, planned none other than D. R. Born fashionista Oscar la grande Renta. Each cottage has a balcony or patio with ocean views, and indulgent rooms have four-poster beds and quilts.

Ink48, New York City

The Ink48 in Hell’s Kitchen provides all The extras anticipated from The Kimpton company (Incl available champagne gatherings and pet-friendly plan). But it also provides surprisingly styling from the popular David Rockwell. The child of a cabaret dancer and DJ, David Rockwell continues to be motivated by the theater and it demonstrates that. The hotel’s bubble glass chandelier is, electric blue silk furniture, and silk-padded seating passageways are nothing if not stunning.

Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City

Ian Schraeger (Tr.), ed, the hotels behind many of the most trendiest resorts in the county, the designer and documentarian Julian Schnabel worked together to develop the look for Gramercy Park. The hotel’s combo of toile, museum-quality art, creamy carpet, and the rich wood makes for an eclectic experience. It’s not hard to understand why the hotel has been known as a superstar destination.

Fontainebleau Resort Miami Beach

the Art Deco logo received a $1 billion makeover in 2008, Jeffrey Beers ‘design firm’ was responsible for its stylish design, mood-lit rooms. The hotel appears to be large, with over 1 million, 500 beds, also there are seven huge free-form baths to accommodate the gatherings. Its beautiful layout is difficult to top.

Mukul Luxury Resort

A megastar team of engineers partnered on the uber-luxury resort, and launched in Nicaragua in 2013. Martin Duesing (whose past projects included the Grand Hotel au Cap Ferrat and One & Only Palmilla) the company worked with Jeff Jensen and Frank Butler to develop the most unique getaways in not only Nicaragua but also the Caribbean, but Central America. The name, Mukulam, Maya “secret” visitors are guaranteed a high level of anonymity: The Hotel, part of the spacious interior, 1670-acre beach community, offers just 37 luxurious Bohios and Villas, the sites are really not open to the public.

Round Hill Hotel & Villas

The unique mountain villas crisscross Round Hill. Lovely, beautiful sites were also planned by Ralph Lauren. The Beds have four poster brown rooms, decor from the Ralph Lauren Home selection, and ocean views. Clean Clean bed sheets and sandstone floorboards blended with pink and blue paint create an elegant and cosy seaside design.

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