Place ReviewHang Ten, Brah!: The 5 Best Places to Surf In The Winter

Hang Ten, Brah!: The 5 Best Places to Surf In The Winter

It happened to us every day as we commuted to work, we doze off and picture we are part of the lines of brown, Bend dead attracting to the seaside, Surfer in Take – Instead of being on the metro. Yes, it’s time to stop dreaming, I need your manager to accept your time off, and grab the next plane out of the area — we’ve discussed our favorite places to play the most popular and cold spring game. Whether you are a beachy newbie or simply looking to learn, breathe a sigh of relief: we have you covered.


Hawaii is called the Mecca of surfers, but the North Shore of Hawaii is the icing on the cake. It may not be for novices, tho, as vibration are a good size or better enjoyed for a little exercise (We wouldn’t be the people to tell you). Some of the best surf contests in the world are now held, and anyone who’s seen on a surf deck might understand names such as Pipeline, Log Cabins and Waimea Bay — the residence of many of the best vibrations inside of Log Cabins. Given the fact that, the peninsula is packed, but very few areas in the city feature vibration like these.

Best place to surf!: Turtle Bay, Radz and Graters are arguably the best, as they are most clear to the rises of the northeastern spot on the peninsula. Most are there for a felt beach and shut to one another.

Best place to sleep?: Turtle Bay Resort is a 448-unit Resort set in the scenery, secluded North Shore with an unsurpassed array of facilities — multiple 18-hole golf courses, a solid, helicopter rides — plus five miles of coastline with fantastic vibration, and great restaurants.


Known as the ‘ “Hawaii of the Atlantic” Puerto Rico is great for year-round value surfers. It has pauses for each standard or competence, and that those who are there to view the other trip the vibrations, There are a wide variety of stunning beaches, some of which are pretty empty including during peak season.

Best places to Surf: The west side of The peninsula is probably your best bet. Rancho, Aguadilla and Isabela, all within a short car of one another, provides fantastic tides and usually smaller gatherings than some areas.

Best place to stay?: Villa Montana Beach Resort is a well-maintained Resort, a low-key estate at the north end of Puerto Rico. The beds and cottages are very small in The basement, but definitely great with flat-screen TVs, iPod waterfront, convenient pillows and huge verandas or terraces. Here’s more than enough covers for that environment, outdoor leisure baths, and a beautiful beach resort on the 30-acre estate. Only keep in mind that while living here there’s plenty of nearby outdoor activity, There is very little to do at the restaurant for dinner – which is nice information if you have to awake before the heat is just up to head to the beach.


the 70 miles of shoreline of San Diego, white-sand beaches, gorgeous bluffs, and fantastic north, west and south rises that make it one of the surfing destinations in California. The location blends California heritage and laid-back feel with Latino panache, great fun!, a few of the best Mexican meals inside, and excellent sights, including Legoland, San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and Balboa Park for those who want to mix it up a little or move with non-surfers.

Best place to Surf: La Jolla is among the area’s hottest spots for training due to its great location slightly protected from the air. There’s a wide array of surf education and handy facilities here, including carparks and rescuers.


While Costa Rica is understood primarily for its world and culture, this small Central American state has the best surf breaks in the area. With multiple shores, each completely different from the other, beach might uncover it hard to pick one location. This will be discussed in our next article at the end of March 2007, Here’s some excellent surf in both, with simple, incomplete seaside is great for training and for learning.

Best place to Surf: Playa Espadilla Sur is a serene seaside in Manuel Antonio, and residence to Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the lowest national parks in Costa Rica but one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its lush forests are full of backpass lemurs, white-faced macaques, animals, tucans, birds, and much more, page beautiful intervals of perfect white desert with infrequent windy surf.

Best place to stay?: Perched above the Pacific Ocean, the highlight of the 60-room La Mariposa is the stunning seaside views from the cafe, back patio, and bedrooms. A beautifully crafted handcrafted piece (cant ‘) bath and a hot odor is bringing to the approach. The beds and The café are none unique, but the visitors don’t seem to remember anything.


Riviera Nayarit evokes love vacations and great times on the straps, But even this low-key spot also has world-class surfers, with fantastic ocean pauses for each level of expertise. There is a wide variety of beachfront beaches and attractions on offer. Once the surf day is over, Riviera Nayarit is a short drive from Puerto Vallarta with fun and varied restaurants.

Best Place to Surf: Punta Mita has many unique pauses, but The best one is presumably The Cove. It can get crowded notwithstanding its remote location – a 40-minute drive from Punta Mita, and it is absolutely worth both the walk and the gatherings.

Best place to stay?: Cinco Hotel is a 12-suite boutique Hotel on the seaside, with multiple baths, a workout, and the Punta Mita tree in the beautiful cafe in Puerto Vallarta, The Caf Des Artistes, in the basement. For some searching a luxurious Punta Mita trip without netting themselves off from Mexican truth, this is an excellent choice.


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