Place ReviewGolden Globes 2013: Party with the Stars in Tinsel Town!

Golden Globes 2013: Party with the Stars in Tinsel Town!

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Roll the red carpet: The 70th annual Golden Globes was indeed stomping off this years award show with a hit The Above Sunday, January 13th, one of Oyster’s favorite resorts. Beverly Hilton served as server at Hollywood’s prize dinner in 1961 and with good reason. The above 569-room Hollywood Fortress provides comfort and convenience, but at rates they won’t smash the spending of fans looking to walk a maximum of their preferred nominations (if they can grab a hotel, obviously). And the list of renowned actresses this year seems to be sincerely stalker-worthy. Karen Mirren, “Mr. Karen” Mirren, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep (clearly — the woman is still the manager at the number of Golden Globes once she has gained), Steve Buscemi, and Zoey Deshanel are just a bunch of the blessed few that receive the most applause from the Hollywood Foreign Press. And the show’s showrunners, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, sound ready to lead them through a dinner of celeb-studded humour — stuff that informs us that the Dowager Countess won’t be able to resist a grin at their shenanigans.

And, thanks to Oyster!, maybe you can laugh too. If you’re looking to hit a pre-party prizes initiative à grande Weinstein & Co. Dream of after-party antics!?, We’ve got the low down on the better Beverly Hills resorts to fraternize with the stars. Test the Information Now!

Pre-Parties: Build-Up to the Globes

The week before The Globes was indeed filled with lots of pre-parties and activities for Hollywood’s guiding men and women (and let’s not ignore the little folks of TV — we children!). Both the legendary celeb-hideaway Chateau Marmont and the Four Seasons Los Angeles have attended most of the roof pre-awards events in the past. The Chateau appreciated Harvey Weinstein’s pre-show powershell last year, while the Four Seasons saw both the American Film Institute and BAFTA Hall stars through its walls.

After-Parties: You Won’t Have to Go Far

For groups, The position to be — no matter who or what you’re trying to catch a glimpse of — is The Beverly Hilton itself. While important awards shows see a bevy of after-parties crossing over from all over Los Angeles, nearly every big party after The Globes takes place either inside or really close to The Beverly Hilton. It creates for simple party hopping, but if you don’t have Bradley Cooper at the beach, Traveling inside to one of the Hilton’s conference facilities or eateries might possibly attract you better results.


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