TravelGet the Look: Bright and Bold Decor in Our Favorite Hotels!

Get the Look: Bright and Bold Decor in Our Favorite Hotels!

Staying at a restaurant is thrilling (except it’s this restaurant, obviously). After all, Someone in a new environment can make you feel refreshed and comfortable, and the room can also give you suggestions for sprucing up your property. Currently, we are offering a photo tour of our favorite resorts that have that “bright and bold” atmosphere down pat. From terrifying brilliant mosaics to little snaps of paint, these resorts stay their rooms enjoyable and lightweight. Get motivated and have a look!

W Atlanta – Buckhead

Texture, structure, paint — the W in Buckhead has it all; actually, everything is right there! This design-focused project is an exciting experience, cute hotel offers a youthful vibe, quite different from upmarket resorts in Atlanta, and the contemporary style varied from the antler-adorned chandelier in the place to the uber-modern, Simple decor in the other common areas. But what we really want is comfortable furniture in the beds, where fun styles and misaligned art develop a delightful atmosphere.


The North Berlin, View the River Spree, takes bright and bold to the whole-side standard — presumably a whole other world. The innovative, space-age decor varied from a pod-like side office to a secluded, goofy styles, to weird lamps, beds with modern furniture and brilliant decors. We think the picture mosaics in the lift are a little weird (she sees something we don’t see?) but they only add to the over-the-top atmosphere of the restaurant.

Viceroy Santa Monica

Bright, bold, and varnished — interior decorator Kelly Wearstler’s design is anything but slight. But in comparison with some of the appearances displayed throughout this comment, the decor she selected for such a Viceroy is much less in-your-face, extra cute and fun. Olivia grass furniture adds a pop of color to the hotel’s cafeteria, whereas designed wall paper and bright decor offer the bed an unforgettable look, so far inhabitable, atmosphere.

Maison 140 Beverly Hills

Also commissioned by Wearstler, Maison 140 lives up its small spaces with paint, structure, and quirky decors. The place where you are from, like the Mandarin beds, goes brave with red-on-black-on-white, not noted by Asian mosaics, designed carpet, and recliners, while the Parisian guestrooms softer paint appears in the beige furniture.

Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid

Hotel Silken Puerta America is understood for its over-the-top layout, from the brilliant walls of the hotel to the beds!. A piece of the 12 floorboards was done by an unique developer, and variety from innovative to neoclassical, space-like design with attractive design with lifting rooms and bold colors. The rooftop bar also features stark contrasts with white linen decor fixed against colorful walls And floors.

Del Rey Hotel, Miami

the famous developer Philippe Starck put his sign on Delauno ‘s, which means more than enough disturbing, quirky appearance and it makes you feel like you’ve fallen the rathole. It All feels strange to share: Chairs are too big, Roofs are too cheap, and many other stuff is all in the wrong place completely. The overall effect seems to be stunning and moving.

Crosby Street Hotel, New York City

Opened in October 2009 on a simple scale, Cobbled streets in SoHo, Crosby Street Hotel has 86 rooms and is characterized by vibrant rooms, such as the bar (full with brilliant lamps, collage-like art, and colorful decor) and place. And though the rooms offer a black-and-white theme, brave styles and brilliant decors that are kept searching anything besides charming.

Yotel, New York City

European chain Yotel is understood for its cosy ambience and affordable prices, So this Midtown West Island seems to be obviously legible, with four bars, a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant, and an outer space-like layout. Though we embrace the weird lamps of the place and the space-age white-on-white beds, our favorite bright and bold colours can really be found on Dohyo, a luminous Asian-inspired mosaic that creates the room weird and funky.

Monica Los Angeles

Starck is behind the Mondrian layout where the desire is expressed, as per the resort, would be to offer the seaside to Hollywood, with wooden countertop floorboards in the place waiting for desert and a huge cantilevered veranda playing the part of seaside. Starck couldn’t find support, But offered a little bit of his sign panache, this can be seen at the ADCB caf, full of colorful decor, decorated the roof, and brilliant lamps.

Room Mate Grace, New York City

We wouldn’t recommend going back to your Room at the Room Mate Grace until you’re great and calm, because otherwise you’ll have to wait a while to consider it! The vertigo-inducing stare of The corridors is only The tip of The iceberg in its bright and bold resort: Neon lights at the bath, the bathroom mosaics are ridiculous, colorful buildings in the place, and strange images in the beds most associate with the hotel’s over-the-top stare.

Ambassadors Bloomsbury, London

The Ambassadors resort is designed so it’s contemporary and cheerful, without being over-the-top or tough. Colorful bedding, tosses;, and art create the beds brilliant, whereas as an analogous to light decors in the place, cafe de a, and venue develop colorful rooms in a very dull London.


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