Travel GuidesFour Urban Hikes in San Francisco, from Easy to Grueling

Four Urban Hikes in San Francisco, from Easy to Grueling

California could be a car lover’s place, San Francisco is a walking city. Urban hikes galore in the city, twisting through tower trees and into melaleuca greenery, up the mountains and down to the shorelines of the apartments. These rides need to be heavily crowded on beautiful Saturdays with iPod-wearing residents and camera-juggling guests.

Lobos Creek Trail in the Presidio (Easy!): Spend half an hour rambling half a mile along the revived nature trail at Presidio park. American Stains. At Bowley St. Close to the Laurel Inn.

The Golden Gate Bridge (Moderate): On a clear night, the 1. A 5-mile-primarily standard walk across the Bridge demonstrates classic San Francisco. Move your top as you step across, and you will see Alcatraz, Angel Island, neighborhood roads, the Bay, the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, downtown. Golden Gate Recreation Area, Highway 1. Check the price tag at the Argonaut Hotel.

California Coastal Trail (Long and Hard): If you’ve received a coupon to get to see the best of San Francisco on foot, this 10+The mile trail will get you there. “There is something There about that that makes you genuinely uncomfortable” being Fort Point, the Legion of Honour, and the Sutro Bath all the way to the bottom of the Beach to Ocean Beach, whereupon Fort Funston where the airfoils twist if the air is true. Golden Gate National Recreation Area on the South Side of the Bridge. Check in from the Argonaut Hotel.

Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower (Grueling): This walk epitomizes everything beautiful about San Francisco, twisting history through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the City and on up to Pioneer Park’s stunning 360-degree Bay Area views. Coit Tower’s legendary mosaics and lift trip greet you, very. The grab? 378 stairs up Telegraph Hill via the Filbert Steps, 397 Stairs down the Greenwich Stairs. Filbert St. & Staple St. Keep close to Le Meridien San Francisco.

– Liz Hamill Scott of EatsWritesandLeaves and TravelsWithPain


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