TravelEat up!: Our 8 Favorite Foodie Freebies

Eat up!: Our 8 Favorite Foodie Freebies

The marriage of travel and food has been a long and healthy journey. For chefs, a location isn’t happening to rate as a favorite unless its gourmet — be it Mexican meals in San Diego, Fish in Seattle, or the hodgepodge of tastiness that would be New York — is something unique. For us, the same logic applies to resorts where you stay in a city: not just resorts with good restaurants, sites that combine foodies and enjoy the total hotel experience. These resorts we embrace offer great foodie handouts, from indulgent a carte breakfast to free evening wine hours. Chat about the delicious extras!.

A la carte buffet

Spotlight On: Gaia Hotel and Reserve, Costa Rica

Free hotel meals are definitely not uncommon, but they are generally consisting of foods, pineapple, and, you’re blessed, some decently delicious omelettes. Reserve at Gaia Hotel and Reserve, where the free breakfast is a foodies a la carte incident. Things to Include: Eggs Benedict, Belgian Waffles, Italian Egg White Frittata, Vanilla and Mango Pancakes, a Costa Rican Breafkast, and much more. And the handouts don’t end here: The room rate also includes a short pedicure.

More resorts with a la carte meal: Britt Scripps Inn San Diego

Check-out Considerations

Spotlight On: Andaz Fifth Avenue, New York City

We looooove the Andaz Fifth Avenue for its treasured foodie handouts, including the option of a check-0 ooh (our way throughout your stay, choices include Fat Witch Baby Brownies or Coop. O. Hudson Peppermints. Side free nips involve water bottles in the place, snack bar biscuits and non-alcoholic cocktails (Many of them come from local vendors), wine in the place from 6 to 9 p. M. M. A single night!, and made-to-order cafe breakfast in the club.

Wine or cocktail hour

Spotlight On: Hotel Vintage Park, Seattle

Vintage Hotel’s focus on wine — especially those produced by the 500 neighborhood wineries — is clear from the moment you check in: The front desk employee (having a badge that includes his or her personal favourite vintage) you may discuss the variations you will experience at the free welcome that happens each night from 5 to 6 pm. M.

More hotels with free champagne hours: All of the Kimpton Hotels, Hotel Rex San Francisco, Bryant Park New York City, Casablanca Hotel New York City, The Copley Square Hotel

Free food, Free bar snacks!

Spotlight On: Rancho Valencia Resort, San Diego

The amazing handouts from Rancho Velencia, Incl free snack bar biscuits, day drinking and newspapers, and free breakfast, donate to the resort’s enjoy exclusive and exclusive dining experiences. This luxurious 49-room hotel is located in Rancho Santa Fe, a rich residential community in the mountains of Southern California, 40 acres of beautiful grounds. The Spanish-style rooms are, all on cottages and decks, the 26 Cabanas are spread across the large estate, creating an unique level of privacy for visitors.

More hotels with free snack bar snacks: Greenwich Hotel, New York City, Andaz Fifth Avenue, New York City, Andaz Wall Street New York City

Lobby biscuits

Spotlight On: Villa d ‘Citta, Chicago

After a long day of discovery, It’s good to return to the hotel to find free drinks and snacks in the lobby. The Laurel Inn San Francisco, for instance, has free limeade and freshly cooked sweet in the lobby each evening. But the Villa d’ Citta takes the cake on this one: This small Chicago store has a fully equipped kitchenette for which visitors can prepare a buffet, biscuits (like pastries or meats), as well as other light travel/7.

More hotels with free biscuits in the lobby: The Laurel Inn San Francisco

cocktails in the Lobby

Spotlight On: Copley Square Hotel, Boston

Many hotels are respectful enough to offer simple snacks and drinks in the lobby, breakfast, and such. Some features added a step more: Andaz Fifth Avenue, for instance, Offers fresh barista-prepared breakfast in the lobby, Westin Copley Place Boston has unique temporary cocktails, for the warmth of cranberry on the drop. The Copley Square Hotel in Boston, which offers online coffee, Breakfast, and hot chocolate all day, is one of our faves, partly because it’s nice to sit flat and drink in its elegant atmosphere, snug position. (There’s also an available night champagne hour if you’re looking for something a little better.)

More resorts with available places to serve cocktails: Westin Copley Place, Boston, Andaz Fifth Avenue New York City, Andaz Wall Street, New York City

In-room Hello. Consider

Spotlight On!: Halekulani, Oahu

Arriving in your room and finding a delicious surprise waiting for you goes a long way to making you feel like a visitor, rather than a client. Fifteen Beacons in Boston deserves a special note for the tiny pastries and chocolate dipped pineapple ready by the hotel’s chocolatier that will be provided to your hotel after check-in. But the Halekulani shows up their amazing display of tropical fruit, candy, and blooms are now one of our faves.

More resorts with in-room snacks: Fifteen Beacon Boston, Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, The Greenwich Hotel, New York City, Cadet Hotel Miami

Check-in sip

Spotlight On!: The Caves, Jamaica

It’s really not unusual to have a drink at check-in at a great resort in warm weather, and that doesn’t make us as much as the above relaxation giveaway. The Caves in Jamaica is a family-friendly all-inclusive with locally focused gourmet and a top-shelf bar, and its sign welcome drink is de-lish.

More resorts with check-in cocktails: Tensing Pen Jamaica, Gaia Hotel and Reserve Costa Rica, Half Moon Jamaica, Royal Corin Resort & Loto Spa Costa Rica.

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