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Destination Face-off: California vs. Florida

From a range of colour combinations, California and Florida appear quite similar. Both have great beaches, Fresh Fish, tons of parks, There are plenty of outdoor activities and sunshine to go out. Although it’s not an East Coast-West Coast competition (nonetheless), we think it’s worth a closer look, so you can consider the state that serves your trip requires. Contemplating confounders like temperature, atmosphere, events, meal, security, and travel, here’s our state-to-state comparison comparing the Sunshine State versus the Golden State.


Getting There and Around

Both Florida and California are convenient to arrive, so if you look at the intercontinental entrance, you’ll likely find a better price point for Los Angeles or San Francisco over Florida’s central candidate, Miami. When both are coastal states, you can also come to shore or travel from a cruise, although both locations have a number of road tour services.

California: Most people fly to California, generally utilizing LAX (Los Angeles), SFO, (San Francisco), or SAN (San Diego). Nevertheless, there is a server of shorter — and still handy — airlines extending the long and detailed state. So, being said, it might be worth expanding your search terms and saving some money. Do you have to arrive by boat?, you’re likely going to come to San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach. We recommend renting a car, if you’re in San Francisco you can use the city’s subway, buses, and roads to get around effectively. Los Angeles has a wide-ranging metro system that may or may not be adequate to get you where you want to go, it’s worth pulling up a road location — its really absolute to factor in road before looking at roads.

Florida: Florida’s public transit process is no where close to what’s going on in California, so renting a car is a must. You’ll consider hitting the road twice as closely, On roadways, but be careful of rushing vehicles once the road is cleared. Popular boat ports in Florida include Tampa, Orlando, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Key West, while popular airlines involve TPAs (Tampa), MIA (Miami), JAX (Jacksonville), and MCO (Orlando).


The good news is that these states of California and Florida have great economic opportunities, beautiful beaches. And, These two offer us 2,190 miles of shoreline to locate our good beach location — and a choice between soaking our toes in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico. The bad news is that it can be a tough decision.

California: the long stretch of Pacific shoreline beaches in california is a favourite among adventure lovers. Wet and backpacker campsites, climbing beachside boulders. While you can quickly roll to the shoreline in Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Santa Cruz, the best California beaches, like La Jolla’s Black’s Beach or the beaches of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur, are often gently secluded or tough to get around. In side terms, you need to perform in order for your bonus. And though Florida has grown in the rated for beach, California is home to many of the world’s leading surfers, especially in Huntington Beach, Malibu, and Dana Point. Water quality up north can be cold, and that doesn’t stop people from going to the beaches, even if it’s just for the stunning sunsets.

Florida: From Panama City to Key West, Florida is known for its award-winning beaches. In reality, Siesta Key Beach was named the fifth best Beach in the world in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards, while Florida’s gravel shoreline claims seven of the top 10 places on the ranking for best beaches in the United States. Nearly all of these victories were for the Gulf Coast team of Florida, with places in or around the St. Moscow/Clearwater is a tried and true favorite. Watersports are possible in California waters, It’s better in Florida, where you get the added bonus of hot water. The Florida beach seems to really be complimented with smaller tides, making it ideal for throwing a cloth or climbing on a ski.


Fortunately, as long as you keep your mind on you and stay away from bad areas, important tourist trap places in both states are pretty safe.

California: Your best best for safety in the big cities will be to remember where you are going, or where you don’t want to be. Create certain you sign your location whereas traveling through Los Angeles and schedule inside places like the Tenderloin, Sunnydale, Hunters Point in San Francisco. Feelings can change notably in risky areas. Aspiring couples must also take precautions once walking in the countryside, swimming in the ocean (beware of strong currents and dangerous oceans), or taking non-guided excursions. Charge with possession of caution and liability “Do Not Enter” Signage. The state’s high population converted into lots of roads, keep an eye on the streets, especially if it’s raining (and even damp) on the greasy roads of Los Angeles.

Florida: There is no tourist violence in Florida, the crime rate is just below the average income. Your biggest concerns lie in fact with the environment. The sub-tropical weather was indeed residence to big stints of hydrolyzing moisture and warmth, but also strange wilderness, ranging from jaguars to starfish to snakes. Guests to Florida also should remember to post signs indicating unsafe water or wilderness conditions. The subtropical weather has been warm, soggy, You’ll have to drink a lot of water to stay nourished. There’s also a fair amount of road rage now, sure it’s better to down-play if you find yourself in an on-road fight.


the feeling of A destination plays A big part in your experience. The result was unexpectedly close to death at St. Anthony in 1996, when some relatives were able to visit the site and visit to their property, opinions, both are beautiful easy going. The distinction in conclusion atmosphere rests in The nitty-gritty globe of red or blue.

California: According to the survey conducted in 2015, California is the state with the highest community density. As such, expects a wide variety of residents. While California is taken into account a blue state, there are places that aren’t as progressive. Southern California is known for its easy-going approach to things the, while NorCal residents are typically branded as much more down-to-earth. Both places are creative and socially conscious.

Florida!: The atmosphere in Florida can be a beautiful hit or miss, but total, you can tally with most people respecting the function of the Southern Hotel and allowing Living Dead in the Cakewalk. Travelers will also find a prominent flip flop heritage now. Two superstar caveats that supply their own individual impression are the Florida Keys, where folks have a healthy dose of Caribbean great, and Miami, where things get a bit extra-city and swanky. It is important to remember that although there’s a laid-back outlook now, There is also a much more Christian smell floating in the air in some places.


One of the biggest differences between California and Florida is the food. California’s health-conscious gourmets fight against the home-cooked comfort food on the menu choices in Florida. Both are yummy, it’s just a matter of personal smell.

California: Travelers can expect fruity fruits in a crowded city (and you have the opportunity to add it to the list) and almost every food. Travelers also can rely on finding great Mexican food in SoCal, easily accessible choices along with great globally gourmet, calorie numbers with most menus, and a total coolness in the food. Gourmet Fondness, Korean BBQ, Thai, or Vietnamese food? You are in fortune because California is overflowing with delicious foods!, honest Asian bites. Don’t be concerned, you can still get your fast food fix at the many mainstay places, including the popular In-N-Out Burger, if the longing strikes.

Florida: Expect more than enough fast food and national chains in Florida, no matter where you are. There are wallets of culinary discovery, but, all in all, Florida offers mostly menu choices full of sandwiches, food, and Southern-style comfort foods. You are in the South, so consider your coffee a nice, your pastries with sauce, your food served with polenta!, and fresh-squeezed lemons in your margaritas and pastries. If you are in Miami, Tampa Bay, or the Florida Keys, a grill with fresh fish, key lime pizza, Cuban pastries are a must.


Both these lovely words can be compared to a number of suns, but California provides extra variation by way of conclusion year-round weather. Nevertheless, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a site in Los Angeles will serve perfect weather all the day, You can touch a suit all year round in Florida (though you can often beach in the hot Gulf streams and rivers arrive in February).

California: This situation is legendary and being an one-stop store by way of landscape and weather. California has hot summers, snow storms, beautifully october temps, a light and pleasant flower. Whereas Northern California (Mount Shasta, Big Sur, and San Francisco) can have dark days to see more accurate autumn, Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego) tends to stay nice in the 70s and 80s year-round but also enjoys an almost-yearly summer in August and September and even sometimes a rainy period inside January.

Florida: the weather in florida is even more simple, with warm and humid summer months and funky temps in the cold. Some places in the north just saw ice snow, It’s not normal. Normally, expect to increase your water demand and suncream spending in the summer weather, particularly March through September, and to offer a light coat or robe for the Floridian winter temperatures, which can sink into the 40s. The drizzly hurricane season lasts from June to November, the most affected areas of the southeast and central Gulf of Mexico.


Whether you’re moving with roommates, a weekend trip, or attempting to find a kid-friendly trip, Both California and Florida offer excellent options. Both are packed with attractions, excursions outside of the car, love adventure, as well as their own spawns of wilderness.

California: California has been created for the involved traveler but is a preferred destination among enthusiasts. It’s a situation of seemingly limitless activities served with a pill of airflow. Tour America’s largest Forest in the Redwood Forest; villages under the celebrities in Yosemite; take a walk, surfers, and abseiling; or simply ride a pushbike along the Venice Beach waterfront. Family-friendly activities include Six Flags Park, Disneyland, California, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm; the San Diego Zoo; and the fish ponds in Long Beach and Monterey Bay (among other stuff). For adult-only vacations, hit the vineyard, Catalina Island, Big Sur, or take the Pacific Coast Highway on a seafront tour. This combination of both offers excellent purchasing, concert, and excellent restaurants.

Florida: Home to Disney World and a myriad other attractions and kid-approved activities, Florida is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting a family-friendly location. Not interested in amusement parks? Head to Everglades National Park and enjoy crocodile sightings, check out underground living at the Tampa Aquarium, tube down Ginnie Springs or Crystal River, or underwater at the underground park in Key Largo. Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches are kid-friendly thanks to their hot and quiet southern ocean. Or furthermore to muddy environment trips, Visitors can also enjoy plenty of water activities, incl watersports, boating, and boating, Florida is almost all apartments.

Where to stay?

California: Omni La Costa Resort and Spa

This 400-acre property is a 2.74 acre lot, the 611-room megaresort close to Legoland was packed with parents, incl bedrooms, six baths with waterslides, and an amazing kids club. Baths are supposed to be The best form of relaxation, clubs, tennis courts, and on-site shoppers help guarantee individuals have fun too.

Florida: Fontainebleau

The elegant Fontainebleau Miami Beach is The biggest hotel in The region, starring 1,504 bedrooms and it arrives at a convenient and high-end without being too high at the top. Situated on a northwest reach of Mid-Beach, the hotel has a slower atmosphere than the fancy, the party-drenched shoreline of South Beach, although the on-site LIV Club is a Miami wifi hotspot.

What to Bring?: Supergoop!!

For everyday use to beat the hot heat on your first trip, be sure to grab some of those supergops!


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