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Curlin ‘Up With Cocoa: Cozy Hotel Libraries That Warm You Up This Winter

It’s cold out there, but sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a reserve – or maybe just the cocoa. But when you’re staying at a hotel, it’s difficult to find a perfect place to nap after texting. That’s where we are available — these locations have remained at thousands of resorts with libraries that run the gamut: all from one-book “lending libraries” from elegant library-themed bars to full resorts devoted to the Dewey Decimal System. Sure, choose a reserve (turn on your Kindle) take a look at our favorite hotel libraries below!

For the dignity of the scholar: Jefferson, Washington DC

After a massive renovation in 2009, this boutique is renewed, and restored its position between DC’s aristocratic resorts. The staff went to great lengths to include elements of Thomas Jefferson’s life that are less understood than his accolades as a gentleman and a reader. Jefferson the designer? The custom-made chaise curtains in The beds represent scenes from Monticello or other houses he planned. Jefferson the bibliophile? Enter the beautiful catalogue!, and browse its impressive collection of style hardbacks (Writings of Thomas Paine, The Age of Voltaire, Encyclopaedia Americana). With the scorching heat, the leather furniture, and the arising love atmosphere, any student will feel at home in this comfortable room, elegant room.

For the rider user: The Sebastian – Vail

Luxury Collection Retreat launched in 2010 in Vail, and the prices are more than decent for what you need: Two good restaurants, including the farm-to-table Block 16, and also a chic club; an outdoor bath; several Jacuzzis; a luxurious bath; and delightful, high-end design in the spacious area and comfortable (so far luxurious) catalog — The house gothic now. The place has light stone buildings, a beam of wood, elegant decoration, and a sleek black furnace with a protect of orthogonally crammed bamboo floorboards. The comfortable library, against this, a cosy location with comfortable leather chairs, dark lamps, and an extensive collection of libraries within its soaring dark cabinets. Visitors can also access free books every day in the library.

For the real library: Hotel Library

This cozy is a, literary-themed shops, located down the block from the popular New York Public Library, 60 beds are organized in the Dewey Decimal System. The second-floor reading room is covered by floor-to-ceiling cabinets (Nixon, Neruda, or Tom Wolfe, someone?), clean lilies in one of the rooms. Visitors can arrive every hour to porous over the paper (New York Times, USA Today, Time Out New York City) with bread and a cuppa or a coffee from their La Cimbali equipment.

For the layouts, princess: Viceroy Santa Monica

Best known for its attractive bars and baths, the Viceroy Santa Monica is among the handful of beach-oriented resorts in Santa Monica with a library — and a glam one at that. The Kelly Wearstler-designed hotel features several of her preferred themes, like birds and snaps of paint. In the library, nevertheless, she travels for a 60s cozy feel with lemon-yellow decor and a fling floor, but she also maintained it fashion-forward with a weird-looking dress (represented in the magnified tabletop) a contemporary lamp.

For the poetic manwhore: Hudson Hotel

Okay, so the Library Bar at the Hudson Hotel may not be a real Library, but it’s obviously comfortable enough to be used. The hotel features four main bars — so although showbiz incidents were much more common when The hotel first launched in 2000, the Library Bar nevertheless highlights an appealing, entertainment group. Today the situation is more softer, you could snuggle up with a reserved and some infused chocolate if you wanted.

For the style partner: The Iroquois

Five minutes from Grand Central and ten minutes from vibrant Times Square, the Iroquois is an unusually simple species, 114-room hotel with excellent Midtown West location. The hotel’s biggest asset, nonetheless, is the catalog. Proper by the entry, it has a big number of, blown-glass doors looking onto 44th Street and a collection of old library books. T here’s also a free laptop and printing at the available Wi-Fi (accessible throughout the hotel) don’t cut it. There are a variety of library options, the hotel offers free DVD rental (you can stream from your DVD player in the room).

Other places we’d love to snuggle in:

Draycott Hotel in London

Trump SoHo New York in New York City

The Grand Del Mar in San Diego

Rosewood, Sand Hill in Silicon Valley

Rusty Parrot Lodge and Spa in Jackson Hole

The Westin Portland


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