Hot PlacesCelebrate Persian New Year at Zar é at Flytrap in San Francisco

Celebrate Persian New Year at Zar é at Flytrap in San Francisco

Persian New Year begins March 20, the first week of flowering. And Zaré at Flytrap cafe in San Francisco is getting ready to celebrate in a large way.

Chef-owner Hoss Zar Esqárt, a native of Iran, His first Persian New Year Celebration will be held at his caf, a short walk from the West San Francisco restaurant.

in collectivized rooms, You can socialize and make new friends over a family-style expanded menu of traditional dishes such as spotted feet with fruit wood soup or Thai fish with anise, cold foods, and Persian jam curd.

Price is $66 per person, plus an additional $ 30 for endless matched vintages.

The kick-off meal on March 15 has been marketed around The world. But you don’t have to pull up a chair to get to the dinner on March 16 or March 17.

If you can’t create one of these, try creating one, neither concerns nor ostensibly. Like in Iran, Zar é at Flytrap will continue the celebration for 2 months with evening extras and classic dumplings. The pasta is a must, they represent a life without fear of stress. We all want it, proper?

For reservations call on 912 374-3300, Contact us (415) 243-0580.

— Carolyn Jung of FoodGal

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