Travel TipsCelebrate Chinese New Year Around The Globe!

Celebrate Chinese New Year Around The Globe!

In just a week, Chinese New Year starts today! And we wish to give you more than enough warning so that you can start planning how or where you’ll celebrate. Both often known as the Spring Festival, this vacation consists of two months of munching, cat pirouettes, lamp lamp lamp, and far more. After all, it is all about the fun, It’s the most important event in the Chinese lunar calendar, so celebration requires a treat. Millions of people around the world will celebrate with beautiful ornaments, foods rich, and gorgeous celebrations — and we here at Oyster can’t wait to get in on the fun at any of our favourite Chinatowns around the world. We’ve got you covered on how to call in the Year of the Snake, and yet no material where you choose to start things off, Oyster wishes you a happy year, as they say in Mandarin, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hong Kong

Nothing beats the brightness of the festive Spring Festival in Hong Kong. This town, where today you will satisfy ancient needs, this is an incredible experience for those who are looking to celebrate the New Year in Asia. Guests should not forget the evening march, where the lights sparkle, only to be overshadowed by the city’s pyrotechnic show. There are also the inflorescence businesses to go to — the right bouquets can bring you good luck during the year — and ancient temples to discover where you can give thanks to Gods such as goddesses of war and poetry.

both Parties tend to reoccur along the main road, as residents market meals and ornaments, or join in the dancers and celebration themselves. Keep your eyes open for these dehydrated shellfish (meant to bring something back to the tasting), variety of soggy pastries, foods with bacon (especially with companies that own people, This pasta is a big return on a small investment), and tangyuan, or sweet rice balloons, that represent romance, an important concept of Chinese New Year.

Arguably the most luxurious hotel in Hong Kong, the 565-room Shangri-La aspects luxurious information — including the biggest Chinese fabric painters on the planet. Beautiful beds are equipped with fabric passes, edging wood, candelabras, and stunning views of Victoria Harbour, taking in the sounds of nature during the festival is now simple.

San Francisco

Chinatown in San Francisco is in fact the largest (outside of Asia, of course) and the ancients in North America, dating back to the mid-1800s. With such a big prestige to keep, you can be sure that the New Year celebration in this neighborhood will be luxurious. In more amazing ways, honest eateries and purchasing (there are actually ayurvedic shops where guests can buy traditional remedies), Visitors can enjoy cat pirouettes, a flower market, beer fest, and a march on February 10th. Here, will also be various displays and concerts referring to the past of the vacation.

This comfortable bed will be in a two-storey, Pop-themed Kimpton is full of personality, with weird furniture, a great cafe, and champagne hour available. Its 140 beds are tiny, but is within walking distance of San Francisco’s Chinatown, create simple applause during the Spring Festival.

New York City

Outside Asia, New York city’s metro area claims to have the largest ethnocultural Chinese community. Mostly centered in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Chinese heritage, stores, and eateries can also be found in the rising Chinatown in Flushing, Queens, known for its delicious Chinese restaurants. Nyc also had an impressive lineup of Chinese shops and restaurants the city has to offer. In Manhattan, February 10 will be marked with a firework wedding, planned to ward off evil spirits, and a social festival for which dancing, choirs, and a dozen cat, Lion, And pretty ballroom performers might operate. Here comes also a march displaying off sophisticated drifts and pirouettes, and a walk through the city and Museum display put on by the Museum of Chinese in America.

This affordable option in the crowded-by-day, a night of desolation, Love of Chinatown (- just outside the Lower East Side) Provide clean and comfortable beds, but few in the route of facilities. – ‘The place in the thick of things will definitely approach clubbers, as it is located raucous a numerous of honest Chinese shops, marketplace, and eateries. But (compares to busy Canal Street), Hotel 91 provides a softer home base close to Joe’s Shanghai — a must-visit tour for its classic Chinese gnocchi.


As Singapore is a mainly Chinese state Singapore has an important Chinese population, its “Chinatown” is a relatively large location with tourist trap location places sale memorabilia, locally-frequented eateries, and veg and food marketplace. Here is also the Smith Street nightlife, as well as the classic herbs and many Chinese monuments to go to. The location is already marked mainly as a construction protection site, and a region for further upmarket and feeding. Festive in Singapore lasts around two months and include classic confetti, Pirates, meals and, including grilled dehydrated foods and fruit pastries.

The Scarlet Hotel is a stylish Hotel, 80-room shop in Chinatown, with a great rooftop cafe, darkly lit brasserie and bar, and beds crowded with wealthy tenants, jewelry-toned design. Clever contacts add entertainment to the beds, including weird furniture and complex cameras. Some of the best restaurants and shops are just a walk back.


The West End has been Europe’s biggest Chinatown for over a century. An eclectic mix of eateries, places, treatments, hallways, And sells over 300,1000 people yearly for the Spring Festival. Pursuing the city’s march, a traditional eye-dotting wedding could take place (where the “dragons” and how the ballroom in march really came to life). There will also be musical performances and plenty of delicious treats — some restaurants in Chinatown are indeed providing cuisine tours of the location from Lord Cook.

St. Martins Lane is a notable layout hotel with a stylish lobby, with air-conditioning and shower, goofy rooms by Philippe Starck and a stylish A-list bar scene. Elegant beds have Elegant clean design and movable mood lighting. Its central location close to Covent Garden is a bonus, and so is the legs atmosphere. Plus, Chinatown is a short walk away.

Sydney, ON (and Melbourne, very)

The two largest towns in Australia are understood to really be rivals, So it should not surprise me that both their Chinatown places are nice, honest, and incredibly impressive — whatever route such a multiple could try to one-up the other, they’ll be. Both have already been luring foreigners since the 1850s gold rush and currently operate honest restaurants and shops in beautiful brownstones. Melbourne’s Chinatown claims one of several world’s largest lion declines, so there necessitates over 200 people to function, Sydney is famous for its weekend dinner market.

In Sydney, The Pensione is a great shop with a landmark wall but contemporary rooms. Several of the 68 beds are tiny but spotless and filled with personality; They function crisp white bedsheets, delightful marks, stylish washroom. In Melbourne, however, The Hotel Lindrum is a contemporary shop situated just a short journey from attractions including Federation Square, Melbourne Park, and the Chinatown places.

Vancouver, BC

Chinese heritage is evident in Vancouver, a Canadian town where several Hong Kong locals shifted to in search of work a little more than a century old. Currently unavailable, the area is full of restaurants and shops, but also many history documents and sights — including the Classical Chinese Garden, constellation panorama, and West Han Dynasty Bell.

This upmarket hotel offers big and spacious — if a smidge basic — beds with flat-screen TVs and brown decor. It’s within walking distance of Chinatown, but for much further scattered sights, the hotel provides a route.


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