Place ReviewBeverly Hills, Celebs Can't Force Sultan of Brunei to Sell Hotel

Beverly Hills, Celebs Can’t Force Sultan of Brunei to Sell Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel L. R. A.’s legendary “pink palace” has long been a celebrity destination, but those days are a mgt. Celebrities including Ellen Degeneres are rejecting the once adored estate, bought by the Sultan of Brunei, thanks to the serious sharia Brunei presented last week which called for death by stoning for sex and promiscuity. Fox News reports that the Beverly Hills City Council is taking a lead in the activity by urging Brunei to remove financial ties. Overall, tho, neither the govt nor the L. R. T. A. Starlets can force the bazillionaire sultan to comply. We’ll stay keeping an eye on how it develops — the indications now sound like super bad news for companies at this 12-acre luxury property. [FoxNews. The]


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