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Best Small Towns in Florida

While many people flock to Florida for its beaches and parks, a good number of visitors and residents long for the quaint groups scattered throughout the Sunshine State. Back from the soaring trips and oil-basted seaside are small towns that blend classic Southern elegance with coral tastes and colors. These small pockets have managed to retain many of the personalities the city has used for over 100 years. Under pressure, take a look at our ranking of wonderful small towns in Florida. It will make you feel like you’re a world away from the large pulses of Miami’s nightlife and the countless paths at Epcot.

Anna Maria Island

The seven-mile-long Anna Maria Island floor between Tampa Bay and The Gulf of Mexico. The location was formally fixed in The beginning of The 20th century, but found long before by Native American tribes and the Spanish ranger Hernando una Soto. Soon the light will be on, the barrier island has been upstairs to Cuban anglers, Over the years numerous biologists have explored the animal life of the region. Today the number of persons without disabilities has dropped by 33%, travel is the major business of Anna Maria Island, with activities like Symphony on the Sand and the family-friendly Bayfest (which includes a lamborghini display and art vendors). Many of the nearby beaches keep an eerie ambiance “Old Florida” Anna Maria Bayfront Park has a panoramic view of Tampa Bay.

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White Springs

In the 1530s, once Spanish expedition occurred on the area is known as White Springs, the Timucuan clans alleged that the close sulfur-smelling wet had recovering and defensive abilities. Millennium, after the Civil War, attractions thrived in the northwest Florida area, food service to health-seekers who enjoy performing garden sports and cruises. The springs expanded into The first tourist site in The state. Currently, the company still has offices in the United Kingdom, the popular waters have stalled their streams, but the Victorian housing and resorts of the town’s glory days still remain. Visitors come from all over the world for the Florida Folk Festival, which welcomes remarkable Florida concerts by Jim Stafford but also praises the neighborhood Native American heritage. Annual events include the Wild Azalea Festival and Antique Tractor and Engine Show.


Located on the beach of Gulf of Mexico shoreline, Apalachicola was once a British merchant and crowded shipping port. Currently, upstairs there are interesting and quaint areas of American heritage. The 1837 Trinity Episcopal Church, Built in Greek Revival style, it was one of the first prefab houses in the United States. In 1850, neighborhood doctor Dr. John Gorrie perfected the ice machine. Here’s a duplicate of the classic at the John Gorrie Museum. Visitors can enjoy the local seafood (90 percent of the florida shellfish comes from Apalachicola Bay), top-notch boating, well-preserved, Greek Revival-style B & Bs. Entertainment Reality: Apalachicola is also name-checked in music by both Bing Crosby and Tom Waits.


Encompassing six of the Florida Keys, Islamorada is a long-established city, This narrow stretch of land has many beautiful beaches and campgrounds. Discolored Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park is filled with petrified island that was once used to create a station and elegant bracelet. Today, visitors can get close quarters to the interesting stuff and the facilities on site. Meantime, the small and unforgettable History of Diving Museum demonstrates how the facilities used for submerged discovery have changed in recent years. It shows a 16th-century treasure chest. For those who want to swim, There are many corals to discover. Visitors can then go fishing, sports, sailing. Music heritage quiz: Much of the Netflix show “Bloodline” videoed in Islamorada.

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An island for eclectic performers, Matlacha is an area where the neighborhood cottages and stores are decorated in gold trim and chromophore grass. Galleries market homemade crockery, painters, bracelet, the air rang. The tiny land within The Pine Island team of groups has a reputation for its fishing and meals. The Old Fish House Marina Restaurant serves large sheets of deep fried Fish to people sitting on picnic tables, and the Saltwater Smokehouse provides generous portions of Southern grill. For a look at local history, The Museum of the Islands contains pebbles from all over the world and old Native American relics. The following was a quick look at the new A1 engine


Built on the Lenders of the St. Lewis River, Welaka explains itself as the “Bass Fishing Capital of the World.” Although previously fixed by the Timucua clan around 1200 A. D. C. D, the modern city had been integrated in 1887. After the Civil War, the number of locals decreased to 20, but Welaka expanded into a resort town with its mineral water recovering as a major draw. In addition to sport fishing, a big neighborhood appeal is the Welaka National Fish Hatchery, that has attained numerous unique and native species of aquatic life. Guests can also see moose, rodents, birds on the floor.

Mount Dora

Mount Dora takes great pride in its small town position. First created by a farmer in the mid-1800s, the center location in Florida expanded into a cold retreat for hunters and anglers. Soon after the battle, resorts such as the Alexander House two-story building launched in. Several Victorian apartments were built throughout the boom years of Mount Dora, during the 19th century and early 20th century, but today. Various vintage shops and the neighborhood lake’s saltwater harbor bring to the town’s old-timey personality. Visitors to small-town activities could end by the annual Christmas Lamps event or by attending some of the other art fests.  


According to McIntosh’s neighborhood legends, the area has not changed much since the 1930s and the citizens like it. Agriculture has been the foundation of McIntosh’s market for many years, with orange agriculture being uniqueness. Visitors frequently travel north to enjoy the mild climate and tuna in Orange Lake. Numerous of the McIntosh’s modern parents confidently mark their pedigree to unique inhabitants.’ Important of the year, McIntosh’s community is actually in the middle of three numbers, but its 1890s Festival (in October) highlights about 40,50,000 art and vintage enthusiasts all around the state.  

Crystal River

Known as the apartment of the capital, The Crystal River is located north of a shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. Lifts that feed into The region’s water system, Kings Bay, keep the city’s heat at 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Numerous people come to observe or even wade alongside the 400 or so dolphins that transfer to the area when the water in the Gulf of Mexico cools. Deep sea sport fishing is also a popular spot, with many neighborhood ships accessible for commandeering. Hunting who really want their take on something a little more mellow may be interested to know that scalloping season starts in June and ends in September. Plus, there is a lot to choose from, Given that Walt Disney World and Orlando are just 90 miles away, either can quickly stay part of one tour.  

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Cedar Key

Cedar Key, an area that’s part of the Cedar Keys archipelago, apartment for under 1 year, it has a rich history. Historians have noted remnants of civilization dating from 500 BC to the present day. C. Now. Plus, Cedar Keys played a role in the Seminole Wars, the slave, and the Civil War. In the early 20th century, Cedar Key was a commercial fishing station, but after 1909, the oysters were exhausted. Restore the native animal community, Herbert Hoover restored the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge. Currently on the market, The location is among the roof for farm-raised oysters, and therefore is home to many remarkable restaurants.

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