Travel TipsBest Kid-Friendly Hotels in Our Favorite Ski Towns

Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Our Favorite Ski Towns

The ice has finally started to fall, which means it’s time to take a ski trip with The parents! Whether your children are potential Olympians and have yet to excellent the “pizza” they may not need to do it, you may need to split up with the kids yourself — so we’ve gathered the best kid-friendly hotels in our favorite cold weather locations. After a while (or in favour of) a day in the hills, toddlers can experience various kid-friendly facilities – everything from snorkeling in the year-round lagoon to bowling to participating in the kids club – at one of these elegant attractions.


WHY: The Four Seasons Vail opened in 2011 and it is one of The area’s roof hotels: All beds have stone fireplaces, terraces, and huge stone washroom with sdk splash baths. (How comfortable does noise be?) Not only do parents enjoy the beautiful!, a heated outdoor pool (clean year-round), but the Teen Club, with an air hockey bar, computer game, fun bar, and iMac machines, is also a popular hangout for the youngsters and also. And also, There is childcare on site in the kids club and young children receive a gift upon entrance.

SKI spill: Aspen

WHY: The family-friendly Viceroy Snowmass includes either free-standing dining areas and amenities that include cookers and bar seating, electromagnetic fields, fridges, and cutlery which allow for you to accommodate even the discerning eater. Top-notch amenities include a nice lagoon location with heated saline and a firepit to warm you up on super-cold evenings. Our favorite, tho, would have to be the “Ski Valets”, or someone to maintain anything from booking classes to placing your outsoles on for you and a site ski-in, ski area.

SKI SPOT: Breckenridge

WHY: One Ski Hill Place are among the most elegant cottages in Breckenridge, Featuring appealing condo-style units featuring foodies cooking, the bathroom is lovely (almost all with splashing baths!), and seaweed jam gas cottages. There’s so much interior entertainment that you’ll barely want to go outside, including a two-lane bowling alley, Two testing beds, billiards hotel, and an indoor pool.


WHY: Popular choice among parents (with big residence-like rooms accessible), Four Seasons Whistler provides children’s menus for each of its eateries (Housekeeping, very), a good present for teens (like a stuffed animal!), child-size uniforms, the game of, artisans and babysitter amenities (for a fee). The lagoon is The hot spot for young visitors, It’s clear all year round. The retreat plays both summer and winter children’s courses (for a fee), with events for teddy viewing and rock climbing during the spring and winter, and ice pipes during the cold.


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