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Best Fall Dishes at Mercata Grande Planxa at The Blackstone, a Renaissance Hotel

The Mercata Grande Planxa of The Blackstone Hotel is visited by hotel guests and residents alike. With a superb view over the Lake, The restaurant tapas offers a tasty Spanish ticket and a creative beer bar. The lovely cafe in Blackstone, the Renaissance Hotel, is a true gem in the Windy City. Now is another of our favorite dishes prepared by chef de gourmet Cory Morris.

Confit fall group

The vegan confit pasta consists of a variety of fall fruits and vegetables including lima beans, be beautifully fruit, and crushed was nicely done with fresh herbs. The pasta provides a wholesome choice for vegans, and screens fall created at its best.

Benedict Blackstone

The second course on The brunch tasting menu, the Blackstone Benedict, is a real consider for any partner of the vintage pasta. Made with chocolate hollandaise sauce and served over a mini brioche pastry, it was one of the characteristics of the food.

Cured foods

By millennia of Spanish culture, Mercat both provides a fine selection of cured meats, from yummy to song ó n. When you enter the cafe, visitors are met by what omnivores might regard as a very tasty pig’s arm.

Gambas Al Ajillo

Mercat’s fish pasta is served in a gurgling rosemary and cheese sauce with spicy bread for the team. Showered in so much bread, it’s hard to go bad. They make an ideal pre-paella snack – particularly since the brunch paella is not really a fish pasta.

Paella Desayuno

Brunch paella varies significantly from Mercat’s classic fish paella provided at mealtime. It arrives bread in an iron wok with hens on the roof to offer the mealtime a bit of a buffet twist. The food contains bread with saffron mayo, hollandaise and a nice load of arugula.

Pimientos una Pedrona

Piemientos una Pedron have been flavorful without becoming enormous and ready easily: dreary and scattered with salt. Clean Up, flavorful, and yummy!.

Croquetas una Xocolata

Mercat’s Croquetas una Xocolata are visually subtle, not deceiving their taste til the present they erupt in your mouth. Each pastry has a beautifully shaped top that crumbles into a chocolatey texture, and arrives with a delicious fruit basket from the team. The burst of liquid goodness in each chew makes this food easily irresistible.


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