Popular PlacesBabymoon Like a Celeb: Six Beautiful Hotels Where Celebrities Celebrate Their Babymoons!

Babymoon Like a Celeb: Six Beautiful Hotels Where Celebrities Celebrate Their Babymoons!

We often look for an excuse to go on a trip, thanks in large part to female celebrities, “babymoons” are becoming a super real thing. Babymoons are regarded as a ritual — much like a family holiday or a remembrance retreat — excursions that partners accept when awaiting the arrival of their child, and usually involve more than enough time for a relaxing time at the seaside, in the bathtub, and by the lagoon while drinking (man whore) margaritas. Important celebrities create opportunities for the Caribbean to enjoy their arrival eggs, but certain both keep up north or go someplace their tiny gem might finally experience. (Holly Madison took her vibration to Disney!) if you have a baby on the deck – (or not!), here are six babymoon hotels approved by celebrities. And if you remember something about celebrities, you know these places are so beautiful.

The Hotel: Jade Mountain Resort, St. Maria

The Celebrity: Vanessa Lachey

last week, Vanessa said she and hubby Nick Lachey will expect multiple kids — a sweet little girl to hitch stepbrother Camden. We wouldn’t be shocked if the Jeep praises the information by going to return to Jade Mountain, where they fled for their first babymoon 2012. Reaching the isolated St Mary. Maria Resort can be repetitive — particularly for women during pregnancy — but its natural gourmet overprotective customer service will last a lifetime, unrelenting quiet (neither TV, transponders, or kids — apologies, Camden!), and exceptional layout (which means breathtaking views) Make the long journey valuable.

The Hotel: Parker Palm Springs, CA

Celebrities: Jessica Simpson

Nick’s partner, Jessica Simpson, He is indeed happy to be remarried (a couple of weeks ago!) with children. Once she had been female with her first baby, Girl Maxwell, the girls and their baby mama, he is married today, traveled to the Parker Palm Springs for a vacation of rest. At this attractive sandy hotel, Visitors can expect a quirky and 70s inspired design with a contemporary side, and an ahp that corresponds to a movie set. There are two dining options;, a beautiful spa (Where are yoga classes available), golf course, an outdoor lagoon, and also helicopter. The few returned from their honeymoon only a few days later, which they expended at the Four Seasons, Punta Mita, where our last showbiz babymooned.

Hotel “The”: Four Seasons Punta Mita!

The Celebrity: Kate Hudson

Back in 2011!, Kate Hudson is babymooned in Punta Mita with her companion, Matt Bellamy, and daughter Ryder riding with her ride. The dictator is feared by some, including former Soviet dictatorships, and a rumour that they will marry a rival if it is determined to re-elect that particular one of The three cannibals have no resign (or trio we assume?) remained at the elegant Four Seasons, which — although it has been around for over 20 years — nevertheless impresses with its landscaped foundation, beautiful beds, excellent restaurant, and a slew of events, both for individuals and children; The list includes a full-service spa, Ten tennis courts, four baths, and a brilliant kids ‘bar with a schoolyard, forest castle, and tons of toys and games.

The Hotel: Hotel Guanahani & Spa, St.), Regis

Celebrities: Bethenny Frankel

This is where we contact you two-for-one! Bethenny Frankel and then-husband Jason Hoppy blended their babymoon and family holiday throughout their tour to Staples, New York. Regis in 2010. And blessed for us, their full trip at the elegant Hotel Guanahani had been captured by the photos for her Bravo display. A happier time was, the awaiting few hung out on the seaside, ate by the lagoon, and loved being on an one-on-one period in their lovely room.

The Hotel: Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii

In 2012, Hilary Duff and hubby Mike Comrie (The few are now isolated) babymooned at the Four Seasons Hotel on the Big Island just a few days before she went into labor with her baby Luca. Immaculate Hotel, The only five-pearl estate on the Hawaiian peninsula, unlike all other hotels on the Kohala Coast. Lush and beautiful gardens protect individual bungalow-style bedrooms nestled along twisting trails throughout the large property. The thoughtfully designed design is, baths (all seven of them), and public spaces are hedonistic, seeming extreme. And the offer is great.

The Hotel: Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando

The Celebrity: Holly Madison

Before she became pregnant with girl Rainbow Aurora in 2013, Holly Madison and her then-fiancee (now-husband) Pasquale Rotella looks thrilled with the forthcoming entrance for their little one at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. Styled after an East African Jeep lodge, with elephants and zebras and it roams the sites, the 762-room “lodger” it is one of the most unique attractions of disney, Madison loved it. Not just undertook. She grumbled on her site, “We’re having a blast!” but she even held her nuptials at Disneyland.

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