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Argentinian sopillas to nosh on in San Francisco

If you’re still enjoying the buttery goodness of Argentian sapaipillas, there is sopaipillas, you have a fortune.

El Porteno auctions these lovely little hand-pics, which makes a great breakfast or light lunch, at farmers markets in San Mateo, Oakland, Marin County, San Francisco. You can pick them up at San Francisco’s year-round Inner Sunset business (only a short drive from the Laurel Inn) from 9 a. M. M. 1 p. M. On Sundays.

Owner Joey Ahearne’s six types of flavorful sodas are centered on his mother’s food and market for $ 3 million. 50 each. They’re all about the shape of your hand but are unreliable, buttery toppings.

I attempted multiple times: the “jamon y queso” a good mixture of mozzarella and salami (i’d have liked a little more salami); and the “polloy” kindly filled with a blend of soft Fulton Valley eggs, yummy!!!, pancakes and bungalow.

El Porteno both creates a sweet empanadita filled with coconut and handmade arroz con leche latte ($ 1.75), as well as alfajores, nice biscuits pastries filled with arroz con leche latte or fruit put together ($ 1.50 each).

— Carolyn Jung of FoodGal


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