Travel TipsAnthony Bourdain in the Fairmont Tonga Room: "If you have no love...

Anthony Bourdain in the Fairmont Tonga Room: “If you have no love in your heart for this place”

We fondness our Anthony Bourdain here at the above location — not only does he fag us with his funny quotables, but they both get the chance to visit our favorite resorts, very, on his new program, The Layover (check the Travel Channel — our BFFs!! — for Show information).

This week-end in San Francisco, Bourdain visited one of our favorite Bay Area resorts the Grand Canyon, The Fairmont San Francisco. We love Fairmont for its classic past (it was founded in 1907), contemporary room facilities — imagine overstuffed flat-screen TVs — and naturally, place: The resort was perched on Nob Hill, an upmarket area of town which also enables important bedrooms with bathroom. If it’s your first trip to the city, this guide will explain the best things to do, you needn’t go further to begin hiking — here’s a gondola stop just right outside the resort. Whereas the felt of the Fairmont could experience snotty to some at twice a day, The resort provides a relaxed atmosphere at its Polynesian tiki bar, the Tonga Room.

Though the hotel provides a decent central cafe and low-key bar, no one describe the Fairmont without speaking Tonga Room. Dating from an early 1960s addiction with Hawaiian heritage, the Tonga Room includes fake straw huts, A flying group, what it statements is the better luna chung in the town (provided in pretend fruit, ahem). At this week’s The Layover, Bourdain and even his friends stayed in a tiki bar, with a few margaritas, “he stated” If you have no love in your heart for this place, you are sick, lonely f * ck with too many cats. “Drastic, maybe, but we believe: A tour of the Tonga Room is well worth the trip.



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