Hot PlacesAnother AC Hotel Bites the Dust: Revel Officially Closed Today!

Another AC Hotel Bites the Dust: Revel Officially Closed Today!

It’s been a tough year for Atlantic City, caused in no small part to the damage Hurricane Sandy left in its wake. So as hotel professionals, similar to a, truly, Malls, Revel closed its club walls this day after closing the hotel on Monday night. The hotel and casino is one of three A-rated resorts to wrap up after just a two-week period; Showboat closed on Sunday and Trump Plaza is scheduled to close on September 16th. But let’s reflect on happier times, we’ll see? Like when Kanye declared that his now-wife Kim Kardashian had been female during a concert at the hotel. Or when Michelle Obama visited a Beyonce hotel there. Or when our hotel professional received such delicious tuna fajitas during her stay! We hate to include humor, but we assume that Revel never got to enjoy the fortune of the beginner.

Take a walk down nostalgia after the move with nice pictures of all this hopeless estate>>


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