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Ahoy, Matey! Enjoy a Nautical Theme WITHOUT Being Trapped on an Overcrowded Cruise Ship!

While a nautical theme can make for enjoyable hotel design all year round, We can’t support it but we can enjoy it a little more in the summer when the schedule feels particularly apt. After all, during the summer we love the idea of going out on the open seas, air in our skin… Until we think of how packed and ew cruising can currently stay. Contemplating the many current missteps on boats and ships — most of which actually proved to be very scary — as of old, Instead, we opted for a nautical theme from Drought, thank you very much. Thankfully, the hospital came across the spot, We have visited many resorts that make you feel like your first friend without having to sail!.

Amstel Botel, Amsterdam

175-room Amstel Botel, a past sea vessel translated to a flying hotel, rests by the factory, NDSM waterfront, A rising island in the underwater art scene of amsterdam. The Botel was designed like a European vessel, as well as being a no-frills budget-friendly choice for guests. Center Amsterdam is a 15-minute ferry ride back. Children can enjoy the experience of staying on a cruise, but the estate is much more famous with value-minded partners and communities. Comfort seeking and guests expecting an elegant European hotel may stare somewhere else, but even those looking for a boat-like feel without having to leave the moor might consider the nautical design enjoyable and elegant.

The Maritime Hotel, New York City

Housed in an unique building in the heart of Chelsea, the 120-room room, Maritime Hotel offers solid value for money, especially considering that its been ready to keep its coolness factor in quite some period (notwithstanding, it has been, despite it perhaps, disappearing a smidge in recent years). The windows make you feel like you’re on a boat, and other nautical features involve wood-paneled buildings, links spaced throughout, with plenty of blue-and-white shades.

Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, Hamptons

The Montauk Yacht Club’s name says it backs that this laid-back resort has a nautical theme. The hotel offers a number of refurbished beds, rooms, and residences — all featuring plenty of sailor-friendly information including shades, autodock scaffolding, a catamaran painted, bed frame, shells, a color palette of roses, accented with white — viewing Lake Montauk. The opinions take advantage of The marina, spinning with ships abound, and then topped by a gray harbour. The resort has an interesting past of around 80 years, and considered that the location is really not immediately on the sea, on-site events and eateries, and the available transport to and from areas creates a catch for an amenities-filled Hamptons retreat.

Hotel J, Stockholm

This nautical themed project is all about design, boutique has an isolated location, the-out-in-the-country experience, but it is only a 10-minute car ride from the center of Stockholm. Through the suburbs of Nacka, a few of the city’s business hubs, can be silent at dinner, The hotel has a beautiful beachfront cafe (fully catamaran designed and window s) and therefore is close to numerous corporate headquarters. Beds with small subway TVs, also include benefits for terraces and Wi-Fi, and the place provides lovely rooms for breakfast and biscuits.

Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco

Converted from a 1908 pineapple bottling, the industrial was renovated in 2003 with 252 nautical-themed rooms, the Argonaut is one of the hippest choices in Fisherman’s wharf. Luxurious beds, they were renovated in 2012, have more personality than the close brands, Though the Sheraton is so often cheaper. Unique includes an available evening champagne welcome, location makes some of the most beautiful sights in San Francisco easily accessible.

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