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ACL 2015: The 6 Best Hotels to Book Based on Your Music Style

They suggest all is better in Texas, and that is obviously the example of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. This year will be the second year the activity will stretch two back-to-back years, three-day Saturday, which will take effect from 2 to 4 october and from 9 to 11 october.  

The popular music festival began in 2002 but has continued to grow as a result of The big names it receives; this year the performers include the Foo Fighters, The Strokes, The Weeknd, Bassnectar, and Alabama Shakes, just a few of the 150 conducting. VIP boxes and one-day bookings for many of the days were always accessible for those that wanted to go to the self-titled Live Music Capital of the World.  

Based on which concert you’re most excited for, we’ve chosen a hotel that would be great to call home while in Austin. Could they now be totally scheduled, You can at least grab a drink at the hotel restaurant, but make sure to identify one of the singers.

Foo Fighters: Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Launched in 1987, the Four Seasons Austin has been there for only seven years longer than the rock band Foo Fighters, who will be premiering both Saturday and Sunday. It is one of the important well-known luxury properties of the city, I appreciate a prime downtown location and fantastic bay views. Customer service and facilities are top-notch, as you’d consider from the Four Seasons, it’s a preferred choice for big names. The beds, while a bit basic, they are convenient and have all the amenities you want: flat-screen TVs, iPod waterfront, and high-end bath products. We imagine Dave Grohl and the group might experience plenty at home now.  

Drake: W Austin, MA

A showbiz preferred, especially for concert playing at the ACL Live facility next door, the W Austin is a wifi that draws stylish, leg youths. Featuring a minimalist design that incorporates features of west design, 251 beds are housed on the first 16 floors of a combined hotel-condo building. It’s located in the heart of Austin’s new emerging 2nd Street District — close to attractions, parks and stores, shoppers, and fun. Since the W is the ghost of mostly kids, wealthy visitors, it’s filled and equipped similarly. The Living Room bar is a popular spot, dimly lit meeting place for Austinites, or where we assume Drake would experience floating while still not conducting. 1

Gary Clark Jr: Hotel San Jose

It’s just apt because if you love blues rock musician Gary Clark Jr — he founded the rock scene in Detroit, elevated, and centered in Austin — you have a wonderfully Austin estate. Hotel San Jose definitely fits and is worth the money, as the 40-room estate includes a stylish kitchen, minimalist design, and sits at the center of Austin’s SoCo area, a trendy area known for nice songs. The hotel mirrors its stylish landscape by providing a number of cool things on mortgages: a good music library (both CDs and pre-filled iPods), a camera selection, Polaroid photos, bikes, and also a Remington keyboard. T. Here’s a tiny underwater, urban chic beds, an outdoor club serving drinks and biscuits, and the local celebrity Jo’s Coffee next door.

Hozier: Hotel Saint Cecilia

Irish singer Hozier is known for his heartfelt lyrics, rock band music for his strike “Take Me to the Church.” The Saint Cecilia Hotel is perfect for a leisure enthusiast, The 14-room shop estate has a relaxed atmosphere and a classy design. It features an attractive club (fully equipped with balcony seating), luxurious basis, and uber-chic beds, and it combines with Austin’s unique hospitality and funky music community via its unique, elegant contacts and facilities. The lynchpin is a landmark Victorian residence facing luxurious, serene base and accommodation in several of the hotel’s lovely rooms. Long way, limited bath provides a classy position to rhythm the Austin warm. And also in the air, it is located in one of the coldest areas of austin, close to downtown shopping, historic sites, and fun!. We wouldn’t stay shocked if Hozier selected this to his home base during ACL.  

Billy Idol: Heywood Hotel

Fans of the English rock music songwriter Billy Idol might enjoy the rough, an artistic East Austin location that’s filled with great bars and eateries. Appreciating a prime place in this area is the seven-room Heywood Hotel. In a comfortable Craftsman-style cottage, it abides in its responsibilities “unique boutique” payment. Rooms were all unique, stylish design with snaps of paint and brilliant information including dark make-up linens and eco-friendly, big-bottle toiletry items. Benefits that involve carpark access, Wi-Fi, and rental bikes, and the rooms are equipped with big flat-screen TVs, French pushes, and posted with fair prices. But the size of the hotel means limited service hours, and the latter facilities.

Deadmau5: Kimberly Modern

Popular electronic dance music DJ deadmau5 is one of the most well-known online performers, especially the rabbit headgear he wears at concerts. Event travelers wishing to experience DeathMau5, might probably enjoy a modern experience, quirky hotel. This elegant Kimber Modern hotel in South Austin has only four guest rooms, and appeals to visitors on the hunt for a private retreat. The exterior garden is covered by tall trees and features a sleek pond and tents. The common area of the hotel is located just off the garden, for which visitors might consider great mid-century modern seating, a trendy Apple iMac laptop and printing, a crowded restaurant. The bright and airy rooms have all-round room with comfortable bedspreads, iPod waterfront, LCD TVs, and gray design.  


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