Place ReviewA taste of France in San Francisco at Café des Amis

A taste of France in San Francisco at Café des Amis

Walk into the gorgeous home dining room of the new Cafe Des Amis in the Cow Hollow area of San Francisco, I felt like I should have wore an elegant Hermes robe for the event. I purchased a different color for this product.

Three-month old cafe, a short drive from Fairmont Heritage Place San Francisco, it took four years to create. But it was worth the wait. The past Prego Italian cafe has already changed into The absolute luxuries cafe that liasing bien French cute with vintage marble floors, a tin bar, deep red buildings, red skin banquettes, a magnificent granite furnace and a huge bejeweled lamp.

Attention to information is evident, from when the bar next to ours had been a refresh and an aka actually brought out a vineyards metal to smooth out the wrinkles in the clean tablecloth.

On a current Saturday dinner, when I had been welcomed to eat as a host of the cafe, the 200-seat organization that stays open everyday until 1 a. M. M. The restaurant Was buzzing. It was a slow night, according to our computer.

The Bacchus Management Group — which also holds Spruce in San Francisco, the Village Pub in Woodside, Mayfield Bakery in Palo Alto, and various Pizza Antica forts — entered with Perry Butler of Perry’s cafe in San Francisco, and purchased the vintage Prego location, a quarter wall from his popular bar, In 2005. They appointed Chef Edward Carew the, who has fried at roof New York places including Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park and Crafts, along with San Francisco’s Florio, where he was the executive chef.

You may not need a Hermes robe to experience yourself now. But we do provide deep pockets support if you wish to request the selection of the meals, such as the “Cote de Boeuf” with haematopoietic and beignets at $ 86 each.

I started with a “I am a happy” and hopeful note “Greyhound’s Tooth” ($12.98: 12 $), a champagne of the Benedictine colour, liquor, House-made pineapple taste, lime provided in an old-school, bowl-shaped Champagne glass decorated with a large!, the wrap of pineapple tear.

For the entree, we tried a fat grilled diving crab ($14) served alongside servings of Bourbon crimson. The blood sausage had a beautifully soft surface and did not have too solid of a geology smell. Nice vegetables and a sour pickled mustard seed and pancake gastrique trim the sophistication perfectly.

The restaurant serves all of its yummy, we couldn’t resist posting the gratin of chicken ravioli ($ 7) and it arrived with fantastic pizza! (Bakery Mayfield, not easily enough) that had been grilled to stand up to a big splatter of the tasty, quaint tempura tampere. And think, think, it’s sure great; you really would like to expand it on creamy.

Saturday’s unique meal was definitely meat bourgignon ($ 26). The food didn’t need a razor, but it perhaps had a certain je ne siad beaucoup in deliciousness. Who created the pasta?, tho, the house-made egg noodles are, and they were comfortable, watery or so comforting. The Team of Breignets ($ 6) came warm with milky rooms but facades that could have been finished with a little more sharpness.

The “Grilled Loup De Mer Provencal” ($ 27) it was a traditional bologne, with tuna items, oysters and fish in a creamy sauce, Saffron-infused broth made all the more unique by the addition of a beautifully roasted sea urchin.

For Sweets, We loved this cut of the fish! “24-Layer Crepe Cake” ($ 8). OK, sure it’s not currently 24 strands, and General Manager Scott Stewart giggled once he trapped us tallying them. He said 50 percent of the people who request it try to pick it apart to see how many other strands there really are. Suffice to suggest, There are around four pastries stacked on top of each other, with comfortable whipped cream in between each. The entire thing gets drenched in orange-chamomile sugar and decorated with clean fruit. Can you be the only one who appreciates a treat when you indulge in whipped cream on your breakfast waffles, you’ll get a lot more, as crepe and lotion basically become one lovely alliance.

— Carolyn Jung of FoodGal


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