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A Non-skier’s Guide to Ski Trips: What to Do Off the Slope in These Popular Ski Resorts?

When it involves a winter holiday, some exit the ice and head to the seaside, while others hit the slopes for snowboarding on fresh powder. There are those who like to travel to ski locations (or let’s stay frank — they are pulled on by friends and family), and would rather stay their feet on non-slippery floors. Fortunately, some of the most popular ski areas offer plenty of activities off the slopes, whether you admire internationally renowned art, a smr at a nature preserve, a steam locomotive tour, or appreciating the gorgeous views (and a beverage) after a gondola ride. Review on for a ranking of what to do at eight of the country’s top ski locations — when whacking the slopes is not really your cup of hot chocolate.

Aspen, Colorado

If you need heritage repair while the rest of the family is torching the slopes, The Aspen Art Museum includes museums from internationally famous performers. It does not have a personal collection, There will be clean research apiece. And while you’re in town, just write me, you should also go shopping in the shops of the town and take photos.  

For thrill seekers, Aspen Paragliding offers year-round jets alongside the slopes of Aspen Mountain. The trip is planned to provide stunning views of The Colorado mountains and downtown.  

A great family activity is A visit to the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, A nature reserve where guests could study the trees and the wilderness (kids will love conference saved from falcons). Whereupon, top off on a shbg trail.

And if you want to wander out of the area, Glenwood Hot Springs, which is a great consideration — particularly for the visitors in the team suffering from a few muscular pains.

Park City, Utah;

If you period it properly, you might grab a picnic in the midst of Sundance (January 19-29,2017) or the Kimball Arts Festival (August, 4-6,2017). There are film series that drive through the cold at the Jim Santy Auditorium for a less-crowded heritage repair. Oenophiles will also get a starter out of a class at the Fox School of Wine — particularly the special High Altitude Wines class provided in January.  

For the remainder of the team is now at Park City Mountain Resort, the largest in America after last year’s combine with Canyon Resort, create them mad after their day on the hills with adventures of the zip-line and the 44!, The 5,000-foot mountain train, which is each slightly as exciting as it feels (the many turns and more!). Another excitement starter that can really be noticed at the Utah Olympic Park, where you can trip the Comet Bobsled on the 2002 Olympic Games’ representative route — and get speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour — and you can go off track and onto the Olympic circuit in 15 minutes. Close Deer Valley both provides adventure and steamboat rides. Pop out for a soothing bath at the Waldorf Astoria bath — a few of the town’s best deals. Between the many treatment options presented here is a flavours shower.  

Vail!, Colorado

For those that are committed to the exterior — not just winter — a can ‘t-miss action is the two-day mountain adventure that welcomes a polite Paragon Guides hikers, where you’ll head up a notch “fourteen” (that’s a 14 “, 000-foot maximum), surrounded by jyh that gladly provides transport. But it’s not really about hitting 11 when you hit 13,000 feet, your bonus is a gourmet meal prepared by the chef at Four Seasons (re-setting through the resort for the enjoyment of).  

Adventure Ridge at the Vail Resort seems to be excellent for families — here’s a four-person zip-line, Snow cycling, parachute bungee, shbg, an environment art, and pipes. In side terms, Here’s something more to keep everybody happy and comfortable for a week or four. For a truly special experience, accept a carriage ride to the meal at Beano’s Cabin — it’s the only way to get to another of Colorado’s top restaurants.  

Lake Tahoe, California

there’s plenty to do together for those who prefer to stay away from the hills. For beginners, Here’s a beautiful gondola ride in Squaw Valley, which takes 2 people, 1000 feet to High Camp restaurant for hillside margaritas. Pipes at Heavenly in South Lake are also a must if you love ice (not really the entire winter stuff).  

The location is also popular for casinos (You’ll be hard-pressed to not stumble upon one). Or, Check out the lively arts centre!. Explore the selection and pick up a statement piece to grab. There is indeed more than enough beer and wine flavours — the perfect apres-ski action (and for any side period, for that issue). Stages at Truckee River Winery, FiftyFifty Brewing Company, and Stateline Brewery & Restaurant.  

Jackson Hole, Wyoming;

Winter does little to reduce the area’s natural charm now. In reality, one of the best things to see is the Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge. And once you see them from a steamboat — amongst the most popular choices — ice manager, or bicycle, you know why.

Art and environmental enthusiasts should schedule a station at the National Museum of Wildlife, Arts and Culture. Now, You’ll see more than 25 photos filled with 5 of them, 1000 works of art by world-famous and native names.  

Although there are plenty of other restaurants in the location, something that shouldn’t be overlooked is a meal sleigh ride. Leaving from either Spring Creek Ranch or Mill Iron Ranch, this love experience shows off beautiful views en route to wholesome hot food. Mountain lovers should opt for the Spring Creek choice, While those looking for some wildlife might get blessed on the trip from Mill Iron Ranch.  

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, which rests just under two hours from the highs of Whistler, Offers three skiing locations only north of the city’s neighbourhoods. Grouse Mountain, particularly, it’s quite a bit for non-skiers, from Showing to Zip-lines. If you happen to be really on vacation, Gingerbread Village is a favorite of parents.

Adventurous, but not enthusiastic about the hills? Try ice-scoring outdoors. A handful of contractors in the town provide night boxes that tell of exterior preparedness along with DIY cabin or ice-house building up in the hills. And true, this is where you’ll spend the night. Did not offer the necessary supplies? You can hire them in town.  

There are loads of carnivals throughout the cold, very, Push International Performing Arts Festival, LunarFest, and the Winterruption in February to the Chutzpah Festival in March.  

For some who don’t like the exterior, the best option would be to face the town, that provides plenty to do on its own, including the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame, beer excursions, and the 10,000-plus-pieces (and rising in the sky) Vancouver Art Gallery.

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

There’s a lot to do during the New England ski town. Each of our favourites? Snowmobile excursions with Northern Extremes. The guidance is particularly great for newbies (They see a bunch of them), but it’s your first period, don’t worry. Here’s both cold zip-lining accessible at Bretton Woods mountain resort and also heavy bikes for biking right on top of the ice, and, for the adventurous, bouldering up locked falls.

If the rest of the team is at Winter while you rest around, here’s no reason to stay at the submit button. Accept a gorgeous (available) climbing on Bretton Woods, and revel in breakfast with an outlook at the resort’s Latitude 44-° cafe, the hill is located up the hill. Stay sure to try the restaurant’s possess art drink whereas you’re up there. Another choice at Bretton Woods is the 624-square-foot climbing wall, that creates some family-friendly activities.  

Families may also enjoy the landmark steam locomotive of the Cog railway, which up on a beautiful route to the 6, Mount Washington is a 288-foot mountain. You’ll have an hour on the roof to explore the area, which features a temperature-art and historic house.  

Whistler, British Columbia

There’s plenty to do in Whistler for visitors or those that aren’t interested in taking the plane downhill — so no worries, we didn’t average expenses for the whole tour huddled by a furnace. Each stuff should obviously be the one on the select is the Peak 2 Peak Gondola ride. Extending nearly two miles, the Guinness World Record-breaking trip claims the world’s longest unfounded period, the longest continuous lift in the world, and the world’s highest climb at 1,427 feet above the river. It connects two hills for an amazing 360-degree view of the highs and rivers. Only outside the Peak 2 Peak port at Whistler Blackcomb is an ice-covered area for those who would rather commute to a snowdrome — and it’s available with the buy of a Peak 2 Peak booking.  

Another great outdoor activity is indeed fishing — you are in Canada, even so. Here are stunning views of the mountains from the ponds of Whistler, and after an afternoon, capturing a few topwaters, you can restore in a cold cottage.

The Olympic Village has plenty to do. One of the most cheap events in town has been snowshoeing at its exterior rink, a free admission, $5 freestyle rentals, beautiful fairy lights to set the mood. The bobsleigh route is also clear and brave souls can climb heights of up to 75 miles an hour while rushing flat it’s an 18-mile trail.  

Near the area is the Scandinave Spa, which uses baths for an ultra-relaxing experience. And true!, It’s Scandi-style, you’ll be warm in the bath!, steam room, or warm bath before diving into either of several windy areas (or very windy) Pool. Wash and revisit, introducing pauses in the rest places. You will feel completely renewed.  

For parents who need a break from the hills, Here’s the Squamish Lil’ wat Cultural Centre, guests can learn about the history and heritage of the neighbourhood First Nations through painting, Museums, and excursions.


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