Hot PlacesA New world, Contemporary Vietnamese Sandwich Shop in San Francisco

A New world, Contemporary Vietnamese Sandwich Shop in San Francisco

While her roommates were eating sandwiches, Vietnam-born Denise Tran was appreciative of naan miao, the bargain-priced sandwich from her heartland created with roast pork, sour salted vegetables, and nudge jammed inside fresh baked pastry. Today, he’s reborn, so here prefers sandwich with contemporary twists at her new Bun Mee diner on top Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights, a short walk from the Best Western Tomo in San Francisco.

The 16-seat cafe, designed with metal roofing ends and bicycle wheel chandelier, specializes in Vietnamese street food, for most meals expensive at $ 5 to $ 7.

Choose from nine different Nan Mian, including a “Sloppy Bun” with chutney, ground pork, cut vegetable and Thai herbs; and the “Bun Mee Combo” of house-carved roast pork, nudge é una wine, dntp, cottage rosemary hollandaise, cut vegetables, salted fruits and veggies, jalapenos and spicy.

For extra variation, The menu includes vegetables such as the “Mekong Shrimp” with seared shrimp, Cut Fruits, yogurt, salted veggies, and diced veggies over mixed greens with peach balsamic; and “Momma Tran’s Crispy Egg Rolls!”, made with ground pork, seafood, bamboo sound fungi, drink pastas and salads. Cool off with your polydipsia with Vietnamese breakfast, tacfiri limeade, and cherry fruit water graphically.

“From my own travels to Vietnam to spending hours cooking with Momma Tran, I am really excited to bring the Vietnamese street food experience to Pacific Heights and introduce guests to one of my favorite things to eat” stated Tran in a summary, and how she partnered on the cafe with her family.

— Carolyn Jung, FoodGal

[Photo credit to the photographer: James “Slime” Dang]


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