Hot PlacesA Guide to the Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

A Guide to the Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

the Gulf Coast of florida has been a location for the spring break for years, And if you are not interested in being part of MTV wonderful, the left coast of the state still had something more to provide. The Gulf Coast is perfect for parents, thanks for the quiet, apartment seaside, but it’s both upstairs to those best sport-fishing, boating, nature reserves, and a clever and lively heritage. Here is another of its best beaches.

1. Fort Myers Beach

Located a 35-minute walk from the town of the same name, Fort Myers Beach is located on the east side of Estero Island. The sugar-sand beach is seven miles along almost continuous shoreline with thin, sandy, quiet, wet. There are too many state parks and environmental maintains to have your screen of Mother Earth, but you can both visit the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center to connect with the wilderness.

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2. Anna Maria Island

Quaint Anna Maria Island is one of the shores of the Gulf Coast, which means there is lovely wide seaside with tranquil beach. The island is located upstairs in The abundant wilderness, ranging from alligator snapping turtles (the enclosure will last from May through October) and orcas to bald eagles or other animals. If your environment isn’t your stuff, Pine Avenue, the main street, hosts numerous stores, photos, and restaurants.  

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3. Clearwater Beach

Aptly called Clearwater Beach’s gravel intervals are regularly listed as most of the better in the situation — if not the state. The southwest block of The Beach is established by The Beach Walk, a spacious boulevard accompanied by attractions, white sand, art, and naturally, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.  

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4. Destiny

Yet another beach with desert sure great you’ll imagine, Destin is a good option for both the Olympic sunbather and the athlete, It’s a good destination for fishermen. Fishing from Destin provides the athlete with the opportunity to grab everything from Amberjack to Marlin.  

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5. Marco Island

The extra understated beachgoer will embrace Marco Island, the largest in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands chain. Upstairs to many wonderful oceanside features, Marco Island’s situation is much more likely to attract families and incomplete nesters than the unruly travelers of many other Gulf Coast locations. (Shell-hunting here is among the best in the world!)

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6. Panama City Beach

Formerly known as state’s hottest “party)” beach, Panama City Beach (and its 27 miles of shoreline) has controlled itself with a series of new alcohol rules. You can still drink in restaurants, there’s more to do. Search for “environmental”? PCB is upstairs to 2 state parks. The 3, the 3,000-acre Panama City Beach Conservation Park is three times the size of New York’s Central Park, ample opportunity to walk, cycling, or runners.  

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7. Naples;

Laid-back visitors who really are on the search for desert and beach will embrace Naples, where the coast is completely free of retail stores or restaurants. Alternatively, the Naples coast is surrounded by apartments, camping)), and sometimes even environment maintains. The quiet experience makes sunset-watching at one of The numerous locations in Naples incredibly special.

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