Travel GuidesA Different Kind of Road Trip: Vancouver to Tijuana in 9 Stops

A Different Kind of Road Trip: Vancouver to Tijuana in 9 Stops

There are enough great trips you can take to discover the U. S. S. And sincerely, we’d like them to have them all. You can drive from Maine to Florida, New York to Cali, or a million side roads in between… And have you ever considered road driving from Vancouver to Tijuana?? We have a problem, it’s amazing. Here’s how to tackle this different kind of road trip in nine excellent locations.


Vancouver is a great port town, with tons of heritage and outdoor activities. Buy some time at Stanley Park, a 1, The 000-acre park is a favorite with locals and visitors. Biking along the 14-mile waterfront by the beachfront that leads from the Vancouver Convention Center to Kitsilano Beach Park (we know, imaginative, nevertheless lovely). And for meals And shoppers, visit Granville Island, where past industries today cottage and some of Vancouver’s chicest restaurants and shops. The Granville Island Public Market is already referred to as one of The most effective in North America, it’s obviously a must-see too though.  

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Seattle is beautiful, and despite its reputation for rainy weather, people love it. Of training, you can’t go out with me “iconic Seattle” Pike Place Market, one of many ancient farmers’ markets in the us. S. The room knife is Seattle’s most popular logo and therefore well worth The trip to The inspection office on The roof for 360-degree views of The town. When you protect Seattle from all the noise, We suggest a 90-mile drive to Mt. Pleasant. Tres National Park for stunning scenery and exterior options for walking and climbing.  

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