Travel9. Snug Hotel Bars to Warm You Up This Winter

9. Snug Hotel Bars to Warm You Up This Winter

The temperature outside can be terrible, but in these snug hotel bars, items – yes – very lovely. Our best picks radiate warmth and homeliness, with other aspects, including skin tans, wood paneling, solid cocktails, and warm cottages. Allowed ice!

Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City

Here’s a reason the Rose Bar is celebs fave. Despite its rising wood-beamed roof, the room feels comfortable but exclusive, with a billiards bar, large granite furnace, and olive bars. It’s the perfect retreat for a cold winter dinner.

39 Degrees Lounge at the Sky Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel, Aspen

This chic lounge mixes classic ski lodge lodge contacts (a alcove, wooden wainscoting) with contemporary styles, elegant d thu. The large furnace is The focal point of The room, and the clever margaritas help make it one of Aspen’s important occurring places.

Putney Road Pub at the Forty Putney Road Bed and Breakfast, Vermont

The Vermont bed and breakfast in The Pub is The definition of comfortable: It’s cozy!, invite the public to join in on the ride, and quite tiny. Champagne, beer, wine is provided, During Saturday evenings, microbrew cocktails are provided.

The Bar at Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe

Winter could offer freezing rain and ice in the Southwest, that creates the bar at this Four Seasons resort especially welcoming during the winter season. It’s contemporary and warm, with a stunning furnace as well as wood and bamboo decors. A cocktail restaurant is now open providing an opportunity to tuck into the bar for the evening, as well as an intensive wine list.

The Auld Dubliner at The Village at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

This famous bar had been styled after the house restaurants of village Ireland, and we need to suggest something, the layout is very soothing. Here’s a solid wooden bar, floating lamps, and old-fashioned bar stools – not to note Guinness provided in 20 ounce pint glasses. Live music is often provided.

Bookmarks Lounge at the Library Hotel, New York City

Dinner, the hotel’s Writer’s Den (a cozy location with operating furnace and warmed balcony) Poetry Garden (a ghg with panoramic balcony) the Bookmarks Lounge has been, a cozy place, upmarket location offering margaritas inspired by poetry.

The Simple Truth Lobby Lounge at Hotel Veritas, Boston

dinner, The lobby of this comfortable hotel a few buildings from Harvard Square turns into an elegant cocktail lounge. The design is a mix of Victorian and Art Deco, and the hot furnace, enlarged furniture, and the antique furniture is both elegant and cozy.

Bookstore Bar and Café at The Alexis Hotel, The Kimpton Hotel, Seattle —

The aptly named Bookstore Bar and Cafe is strictly what it seems like a combination of a Bookstore and a Bar. Let us know if you love to review, I love to drink, or love to do both at once, the above local hot spot has you protected. Zilch shares a cold homeliness for curling up with a good book and a solid beer. The bar is so famous that it has plans to expand; it will be finished in January and rebuilt in February with twice as much space.

The Lobby Bar at The Viceroy Snowmass Hotel, Colorado

The two-sided furnace is The standout of this attractive lounge, that includes neighborhood art and plenty of bamboo decor. Convenient meal, with a southwest turn is provided, including food, gumbo and plants.

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