Travel9 Santa Monica Hotels That Have Us Dreaming

9 Santa Monica Hotels That Have Us Dreaming

When numerous out-of-towners open California imaginin ‘, they probably envisioned the heat, Desert, beaches of Santa Monica. From the iconic Santa Monica Pier to the abundant restaurants and shopping choices on Third Street Promenade, this gem in SoCal has drawn parents for years, Partners, entertainment industry welterweights. High-end hotels and stylish beach resorts also played a major role in enticing visitors over The years. And while Santa Monica provides dozens of decent features to pick from, nine of them have caught our attention.

1. Casa che Mar

Surprising as this may be, Casa che Mar is among the two hotels in Santa Monica that are located right on the beach. This unique model is unique, unique and unique in its own right, right-on-the-beach buildings are greatly enhanced by a lagoon with views of the beach, Full-service Bath & Shower, and luxurious beds with big jetted tubs and elegant designs. Other causes – one side guesthouses: In 2015, White House developer Michael Smith offered the estate a major remodel, resulting in a luxe atmosphere with lots of seaside information. But its saga goes all the way back much further than that. Previously created as a luxurious beach club in the 1900s, Casa che Mar has been a location where Hollywood stars and well-heeled residents scratched palms for a long time – and now they’re home to many more (now you can join the great club, very).

2. Oceana Beach Club Hotel

If you are looking for a Santa Monica hotel that’s a little bit of a high-powered retreat for Hollywood wannabes, review of the comfortable Ocean Beach Club Hotel. A small number of beds (70) the staff has the time to provide personal attention to each guest. Consider a butler to take your luggage upon entry, a receptionist to hold the entrance, and others to stay educated and to act as a hotel manager. Plus, there is no definite way forward, The beds are comfortable and luxurious, with homey hits like coffee table library and planters. This kind of welcoming atmosphere compensates for the absence of on-site facilities (you can’t get a bath, expect to walk 10 to 15 minutes to the beach).

3. Hotel Shangri-La Santa Monica

Business visitors, parents, and entertainment travelers looking to club and sunbathe may all consider something to outfit their trip requires at its 70-room estate. Built in 1939, this landmark is located five minutes from the beach by foot and a 10 minute walk from the Santa Monica Pier. Those moving with kids might enjoy the luxurious rooms with restaurants, and clubbers will price the popular rooftop bar with DJs holding open for a chance to meet. The feature, nonetheless, the stylish infinity pool location is, which aspects of timber wood, elegant black and white patterned cabanas, and classy cabanas.  

4. Ocean View Hotel

The name of this estate gives itself a bit of a break. Situated across the street from the beach, and within easy walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier, the Third Street Promenade, and many eateries along Ocean Avenue, It has the best of the location for its home. These Beds are elegant, and most have supplied terraces with wet opinions. Side aspects you might not get from the designation: Family-owned and eco-conscious, The boutique, built in 1994 and refurbished in 2014, evokes a calm feeling, Seaside atmosphere, relaxing and beautiful, musky bucks, and futuristic-looking golds.  

5. Shutters on the Beach

The 198-room Shutters on The Beach is a lot of things, but comfortable is not one of them. Superstar incidents (past visitors include Dave Chappelle, John Cusack, and Sarah Michelle Gellar), the facilities are very good (a good bath, lagoon lagoon, and famous eateries included), beautiful beds all part of the package now. And as the title indicates, It is located directly on the beach (Casa che Mar is the only Santa Monica hotel which can assume shareholdings towards this project). Plus!, the hotel’s style can be related to Michael Smith, whose portfolio includes the Obama White House. All of this is a roundabout way of claiming you expect to pay top-dollar if you want to stop in here for the dinner.

6. Channel Road Inn – Four Sisters Inn

Some visitors arrive in Santa Monica to take in the posh celebrity culture, while others tour for a glance at the destination’s quieter moments, quainter team. If you leave the park, reserve A stay at Channel Road Inn – A Four Sisters Inn, a charming Colonial Revival estate dating back to 1910. Nicely returned and changed into a bed-and-breakfast, the property provides a homey atmosphere and historical information, like a wood side entrance and a furnace-style Batchelder hexagon. The snug country-house atmosphere dripping into The bedrooms, most of which have house era cottages or personal balconies. To start with, Each hotel includes a free breakfast buffet, plus free champagne, Meal Ideas, and freshly cooked pastries in the times, and Starbucks, coffee, and beverages available 24 hours a day in the dining room.

7. Fairmont Miramar Hotel Bungalows

Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar is already catering to Tinseltown honchos for years — a history visitors must admire, incl Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, and Fleetwood Mac, he was likely most reliant on his confidentiality, Charm, The location was good. But plenty of non-famous privacy-seekers consider that they’re in the hunt for now, very. The five-acre hotel is located a short walk from The Santa Monica Pier and The Third Street Promenade, and isolated bungalows and head-high gardens guard it from the street. High-end and visible design doesn’t average extravagant or angry, the hotel’s place, back patio, the cafe all have a laid-back atmosphere and the staff are warm and welcoming.  

8. Hilton Santa Monica At The Pier

Among the many things this hotel has happening is its place in the world, place, place. Guests can walk to the Santa Monica Pier easily, the seaside, and a number of retail places and restaurants. The hot outdoor pool is just another plus, so is the open-concept eatery. Beds are modern and clean, and the total atmosphere is cheerful and outgoing — which both suit a mix of partners, parents, and business travelers.

9. Shore Hotel

While some of Santa Monica’s features are big and classic, everyone else, Like the Shore Hotel, are modern and sleek, with a sustainable layout. In addition to being ideally located near the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade, The hotel is certified LEED gold because of its recycling and energy-efficient systems. The beds are a lot, which function as personal terraces, the garden lagoon do not disappoint/.


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