Travel Tips7 Touristy — But Worthwhile — Things to Do in NYC

7 Touristy — But Worthwhile — Things to Do in NYC

One of the most visited cities but the One with the most visitors in the Western Hemisphere, New York is a best vacation destination the world has seen on the planet. The enormity of visitors in a very small region creates gatherings frequently intolerable in The bulk of visitors destinations, and it shouldn’t stop you from visiting the city which never sleeps. While Times Square has its games and most visitors will always want to see it, it can be enormous — and residents tend to avoid any of it. Here are seven things to do in New York City, nevertheless, are touristy and still get approval from citizens.

1. Strolling the Highline

What was once an underground rail route above the roads is now a public park that starts to run from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street between 10th and 12th Avenues the old borough, through the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. As you stroll through the verses and strolls along the garden, you will complete the show, meals trolleys, sometimes and movie screenings. There are loungers and gardens to lay on, an amphitheater-like seating over 10th Avenue where guests can stream the road through. Here’s more than enough vegetation, with a variety of plants, blooms and bermudagrass to walk through. And if you get thirsty, There are plenty of other stairs and lifts along the path to give you access to so many restaurants on the roads beneath.

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2. Noticing a Broadway Play

How can you go to New York City and NOT see a show on Broadway?? With over 100 displays between Broadway and Off Broadway, both productions and music, there are options for everyone. Guests who want to see Broadway’s greatest displays — the ones with multiple major Tony Awards — should plan to buy bookings months ahead of time and pay extra rates. If you don’t have a schedule, send it in, don’t worry. TKTS bargain shops across the city allow you to buy same-day and next-day discount tickets for a number of display choices each day. Don’t really want to wait in line? Download the Today Tix tool for related markdowns.  

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3. Strolling Food Tours

If you are the type to try and find the best food in each city you visit, a food tour is a great way to start your tour. There are many different businesses, Foods of New York Tours, City Food Tours, or Sidewalks of New York that offer tours in lots of cities. You can choose what type of dish You want to test, whether it be Italian in Greenwich Village or Asian in Chinatown, or tours that offer a mixdown of a variety of options, such as the Chelsea Market. While on such tours your guide will tell you about the past of the location and the houses you’re walking through, and will not you arrive out with a full stomach, a greater knowledge of New York too.

4. Cold Skating at Bryant Park

Rockefeller Center has an extra popular ice hockey rink, with a prime location on 5th Avenue under the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Bryant Park is a better experience. From the last vacation in October to the first vacation in March, the ice is available for public use, with free entry and $20 freestyle rentals (or you can BYO). Here’s an edge, one such move faster than anticipated. For friends, family or someone that doesn’t want to come to the rink, the Winter Village covering the rink has a variety of food and gift shops for those looking to shop online or to finish their holiday shopping. There are actually several restaurants where you can grab a meal, and also a two story bar close to the rink if you want to stream your family people skating.  

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5. Strolling down the Brooklyn Bridge

While in New York, You definitely shouldn’t miss your chance to walk across one of the ancient roads in the United States. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1863 and connects The cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn. In 1964 It was declared a National Historic Landmark but has been displayed in a myriad of movies and television shows over the years. The views happening in both directions are stunning, or even good, they offer nothing to take in. Different transport and bike channels let you choose whether you want to hike or bicycle in the 5 choices, 989 feet across. Join the metro and walk over the magnificent bridge, particularly during twilight if you can.

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6. Feed Your Way Through Smorgasburg

Another choice for couples attending New York City is Smorgasburg. With three locations (Williamsburg on Saturdays, Prospect Park on Sunday, Hudson Square Friday through Sunday), there are multiple options for you to feed your way into some of New York’s preferred chef delights — all at the same location. There are special drinking places at one of the sites for those looking to let loose, There are also numerous non-alcoholic beer choices like syrup limeade or fruit cocktails offered in real fruit cups. If you’re looking for flavorful meals like ramen meat or an entire thai arm’s length, or nicer choices, including pastries from Dough or dessert in foam pancakes from Wowfulls, there are plenty of other choices for anyone to choose from.

7. At the Botanical Gardens

If you need tired of the countless buildings and vibrant roads it New York City is just so well-known for, check out Brooklyn Botanical Garden or New York Botanical Garden. Not only do the trees change constantly with the weather, there are art exhibits to view and restaurants to experience. The CHIHULY show is now on display at The New York Botanical Garden until October 29th, 2017, and it includes 20 statues by Dale Chihuly. Each flower at Brooklyn Botanic Garden more than 200 fruit trees Blossoms in a few months during the Cherry Blossom Festival the following month. Indeed, There are banquets, cultural events, and tree marketing throughout the year at both greenery and trees. Visit the Brooklyn location, You can find stations at Brooklyn Museum or Prospect Park.


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