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7 Jersey Shore Beach Towns Where You’re Not Likely to Stumble Into Snooki

Jersey Shore seems to have a bad rap. Certain qualities may have been associated with Certain diseases and illnesses, it has its places with unruly, spray tanned, and scantily-clad gatherings that are classic of the truth TV display. But not all beach towns are the same. In reality, with over 100 miles of shoreline, There’s more than enough hotels in the Garden State for just about any occasion, unspoilt and delightful sidewalks for families and loved ones in quest of a relaxing weekend getaway. Sure, here’s where to go DTS (it’s on the beach) when you want to do anything more than GTL. Provided with this good news, can we have a palm compressor?

1. Cape May

Beautiful, historic, and filled with gorgeous designs, Cape May is all you considered the Jersey Shore wasn ‘t. Located on the southern tip of the Garden State, the beautiful seaside town and National Historic site attracts all types of parents (kids, vintage, Parents, partners, inmates, the first time on the road a convicted s. A, newbies) for its beautiful beaches, vintage shops, a cheerful restaurant situation, Victorian villas and, which often function delightful B & Bs and hotels. Keeping your hands up (actually) climb to the top of the Cape May Lighthouse for a panoramic view of America’s ancient coastal village. When you’re home on a standard floor, reserve the Cape May Ghost Tour, grab a few of those vibrations, beach with the manatees, or check out the town’s animal telescopes.

2. Stone Harbor

If a small-town feeling sounds like your concept of entertainment, you’re in the right place. Occupation each quarter of the barrier Island often known as Seven Mile Island (the more packed, Avalon, clothing the other), This family friendly location is decorated with dessert rooms, Flip-flops in the ocean, costly memorabilia forts touting kitschy knick-knacks, and much more. If you’re looking to keep changing your sun-and-sand regular, follow these steps, load the parents to the 21st. 5-acre Stone Harbor Sanctuary, which is home to a seriously impressive element of fauna. And when the temperatures go from warm And sunny to scorching, top to Springer ‘s, An snacks room that has been assisting travelers stay cool with handmade servings for nearly seven yrs.  

3. Flower Lake

If you take a minute inside this place you’ll know why it is often referred to as the “Kiln’ Doorway” “Jewel of the Jersey Shore.” The roads are covered in beautiful scenery, Victorian housing, The beaches are simple and fresh, and the restored, bike-friendly waterfront, which gained new living after Hurricane Sandy, is non-commercialized. At the center of all this is the moniker Lake, which creates a prime spot for day plays and night walks. Let’s just suggest, Toto, we’re not on MTV’s Jersey Shore anymore.

4. Wildwood

Did you know the Jersey Shore — notably, Wildwood was a doo-wop facility in the 1950s and 1960s? Don’t be concerned, we did a double take, very good. In guesthouses with neon signs Adorned from head to toe, restaurants, want greenery?, and space-age design, It really fitted the bill home in the day!. This excursion attempts to keep the history of Kitsch alive, they’ve changed twice. Currently, this site has been converted to Drupal platform and can run on the WordPress platform, the smokey, carnival-like waterfront includes beaches, coasters, and three water parks. If you prefer to test your sea legs alternatively, jet-skiing, watersports, surfers, and sailboat rentals are available at the seaside as well.

5. Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island, or LBI as the cool kids do, it is composed of several tiny shore areas Barnegat lighthouse, Ship Bottom, Beach Haven, to name a few — and they apiece offer something different. Beach Haven, for instance, the young are appreciated, group vacation rental, Ship Bottom highlights the former travelers and parents. The 18-mile island reach is also a go-to for beaches. But can you be more of the read-and-nap on the beach school of thought, not to concern — here’s a nice smooth desert to share about location.

6. Asbury Park

Unlike most of the other fist-pumping areas, the Jersey Shore provides a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors, Asbury Park is grounded in its stone-and-roll past (top tip: Here’s where Bruce Springsteen got his start). The Stone Pony, an artistic event where a person is able to create “Boss” and Jon Bon Jovi, still seems to be alive and thriving for almost evening concerts. And only two hours by metro or driver, elegant restaurants, leg bars, and trendy shops can also be yours.  

7. Ocean City

With eight miles of shore and two-and-a-half miles of timber waterfront, Ocean City has little more of everything. Complaint your gravel location among the brilliant parasols for an evening of autosomal accompanied by snorkeling. Element in trips, mini-golf, festive play, a Ferris rear axle, You’ll have everything you need for a thrilling weekend break with the family.


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