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7. Destinations Where You Can Wear Your Swimsuit and Snowsuit on the Same Day

Most trips call for some sort of trade-off. Need to book a hotel on the seaside or on the edge of downtown?? Is this more essential to get a free breakfast? Should you choose an all-inclusive hotel or a budget hotel? One shocking choice you don’t have to make, nevertheless, the choice is whether you package up and touch the hills, or strip down and enjoy the wet during your trip. Whether you need beach and snow on same day, picture pandas and plunge into frigid waters, or just skis and splash in a hot spring, it is convenient to mix water and snow events. Bring along your elegant one piece swimsuit and your snow coat, because we’ve come up with seven destinations that will let you wear both in one incredible day!.  

1. Niseko;, Japan

Japan is legendary for its amazing winter circumstances and the cultural experience of the beach in an onsen. There’s no better place to hit the slopes, whereupon splash, than in Niseko. The area is composed of 4 interconnected skiing trails: Grand Hirafu, Annupuri, Hazono (, and Niseko Village. The hills are famed for having clear high-quality ice and snow throughout The cold ski season. Niseko Grand Hotel is Only a five-minute car ride from the mountain base, which has heated indoor and outdoor seating (named Rotenburo). Onsens are geological hot baths that relieve muscle pain and pressure. The hotel offers gender-segregated and mixed-gender onsensitive services.

2. Iceland

Jokulsarlon Mountain Lake is probably the most scenic spot in Iceland — and that’s saying something, given that the state is upstairs to many of the most gorgeous and accessible natural attractions on Earth. Guests who have created the four-hour drive from Reykjavik will also be compensated with boat trips (or coastline outings) through cold Arctic streams and rivers patterned with sky bits of icebergs from the nearby Brei amerkurj ö kull mountain. Herds of turtles gather here and in the cold. After a chilly tour to the glacial, in your jumpsuit and head to the Blue Lagoon for a spa-like hot spring full of respirators and a gourmet restaurant. Or, warm up in the Secret Lagoon in Fludir.  

3. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs is among the many family-friendly winter areas in Colorado. It has an extra laid-back, Western farm atmosphere than the snotty environment you’d expect to see in Vail. Plus, all three are free of charge!, winter and tobogganing conditions are one of the better in the United States. There were 165 rides (that’s almost 3,10,000 pistes acres) the longest run is three miles. After an intense day in the mountains, face to Strawberry Park Hot Springs — a 20-minute drive from the area. Perfect mineral springs, a piping-hot 104 degrees!, it’s wonderful to splash in the wet while snowing in the pines around you. Springers are available until late at night on Saturdays, giving you extra time to relax or maintain temperature.  

4. Los Angeles, California

The exotic skiing and surfing experience in Southern California has its own name: the California Double. Open to Los Angeles for an early hours Beach meeting on Venice Beach or up in Malibu (A swimsuit is needed for the cold ocean waters; cold is the only weather where the California Double is manageable). After washing off, you have time to visit a taqueria for a fast chew. But don’t stay long, as it’s a three-hour drive to the Big Bear, one of the best skiing in California. Now, you can climb the slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains. Programs, you can often reverse the order and begin the day with winter games, whereupon stream the sun down into the Pacific from your longboard.  

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city of outliers, it’s not a shock that you can wear a bracelet on skates, Nike Flat the world’s longest indoor skydiving pass, subway down slope, club on a beach under the desert sun at once. The elegant Dubai Ice Rink – Dubai! (at the Dubai Mall) is famous with parents and partners. Meantime, Mall of the Emirates is upstairs to Ski Dubai, indoor skydiving hotel with 22,500 square meters of ski area. Ski rentals and classes are available, and little people embrace the desert meets. When you just can’t accept the winter anymore, the sea is a 15-minute drive away. It’s a little diatracting to get from the powdery ice to the powdery desert on the Persian Gulf, but it’s an obvious pleasure that shouldn’t be ignored.  

6. Norwegian Breakaway

If you once wanted to spend the day breadd in the Caribbean heat by the bath, and the night covered in a jacket in an ice-lined bar, reserve your tour on the Norwegian Breakaway. Svedka Ice Bar is made of Ice almost entirely (for security, the floors are tiled) and it contains an ice dunk and a cup filled with vodka cocktails. The Guests need multiple sip reservations, and also a jacket and gloves for loan for their period in the bar. A funky club musical and pleasant cashier merge for A club-like atmosphere. This is very recommended for anyone who received too much heat — The calming effect of The winter feels great when exposed to The sun. Pro Tips: Don’t touch open-toe shoes.  

7. Antarctica

This one could sound counterintuitive, but a fast swim in the waters of Deception Bay is considered a must-do for adventure seekers who have made their way to Antarctica. For safety reasons, snorkeling (and snorkeling, average hopping in or out of the wet) is now only recommended for the maximum of spring. Spring temperatures could reach 15 degrees Fahrenheit, The water is only 35 degrees. Numerous bold people who spend the evening bundled up and documenting pandas, strip down and take a quick dip in the cold Southern Ocean before returning to the ship’s hot showers.  


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