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7 Best Beaches in San Francisco

As the balmy, happy days of sunshine are coming to an end for most of the state, San Franciscans are just getting ready for the best (and greatest) period of the year. Unlike the rest of California, a sheet of clouds usually draws great attention, cloud cover to SF from June through August. Whereupon arrive September, the heat shows itself and spring arrives in the city, bring hot temperatures through early fall.

While San Francisco is best known for its mountainous roads, weird heritage, and legendary attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the City by the Bay also has some lovely intervals of beach. It’s proper, San Francisco has beaches! And because these seven places are all within city limits, You can go by public transit, they’re just a ride away from Lyft. Nevertheless, unlike the extra famed beaches of Los Angeles and southeast Cali, don’t think and go for a soak at SF beaches — the wet is often ice, temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Don’t worry, Swimsuits are now in demand for the sun. Bring a barbecue, take some roommates, and face out for a day in the desert. (You may still need to offer a coat, in just example troublesome clouds sheets.)

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1. Baker Beach

When the sun comes around, neighborhood tourists fly to this popular beach location, creating it into a super cheerful and media situation. Baker Beach runs for about a mile along the south end of the Presidio and experiences the San Francisco Bay the. It is dog-friendly and it has fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands across the bay.  

The parking lot is overflowing on Saturdays with nice weather, just be ready to fight for a parking spot and do a little walking. Both are very important to note: Baker Beach is a clothing-optional stop and is now a popular spot for nudity vacationers over the years. A certain convenience with independence is one of those things that makes San Francisco An unique and unique place. If this is not really your situation, then, stick to the South side of the beach and you’ll be around the straightforward.

2. China Beach

Located near Baker Beach, but generally cheaper packed than it, China Beach is a short block of desert stuffed between two large canyons in the pampered Sea Cliff area of the city. This beach was once the site of a Chinese boating park, so it got its name. There are usually parking spaces available throughout the country if the small car park is filled, which could give you the opportunity to look at other lovely villas in this area. When you reach the beach!, the opinions on the Golden Gate Bridge are equally ghoulish. When the wave is cheap, you can rise across the stones to Baker.

The best part about China Beach is that its place hidden in a lagoon between steep cliffs retains out The strong winds that generally pull along The Beach, allow for a warm and comfortable evening in the desert.

3. Marshall Beach

Located on either team of Baker Beach to the north, marshall Beach is much more stable and isolated, and maybe even more beautiful than its extra famous neighbors. The reason why Marshall’s Beach became less visited because you could just enter it by walking down The steep steps and walkways that decompress The hills to The Beach. The beaches can get fantastic at high tide, you might really want to test the waves before going south with your equipment. For the north side of Baker, Marshall’s is a popular clothing-optional beach for which it’s normal to see nudity vacationers enjoying their best life.

For the excited guest, when the waves are cheap you can climb over the rocks, moving north along the coast, until you reach the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Be sure and not get trapped by the rising tides!

4. Ocean Beach

By far the greatest and broadest beach in San Francisco, Ocean Beach runs the length of the Beach along the Pacific Ocean for 3.5 miles. Due to its spacious shape, There is a lot of hotels on this beach, and that never arrives packed. San Francisco likes to keep it natural, so you won’t be able to view skyscrapers or commercial properties along the waterfront now — just miles of desert and water. The central part of Ocean Beach is surrounded by The western end of Golden Gate Park, which makes for easy back-to-back attractions.  

Swimmers should have been knowledgeable: Like all seaside resorts, in the location, due to the strong tides and cold temperatures of the Pacific, Ocean Beach is not really welcoming for snorkelling. Nonetheless, the amazing tides make this a good spot to observe beach and kiteboarders, especially toward the north end of the beach.

having a campfire with your roommates on the beach may sound like a scene from a reality TV show, but it’s currently possible now. If you show up soon, so (and with a bit of patience), you may be able to find another one of the six public campfire bands at Ocean Beach (b. Y. O. Wood), and reside in your California fantasies.

5. Fort Funston

south of Ocean Beach, but often missed, Fort Funston is a beautiful corridor of natural California shoreline and a great place for collecting seashells. It’s also beachside bliss for dog owners. The large canyons that edge this beach make natural restrictions available that permit piglets to wander without having to really be watched very carefully.  

Fort Funston is also a medina for slide connoisseurs in the Bay location. The conditions along The Beach now develop atmosphere versions that have been great for cruising The air. It’s exciting to watch airfoils take off from the canyons above the beach and float in the atmosphere with apparently tiny attempts to escape. Just be certain to stay in the landing area and stream your tops up!

6. Chrissy Field

Fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands, parking spaces, and an accessible location in front of the nice salads of the Presidio makes Chrissy Field a preferred option for several. While the sandbank location at Chrissy isn’t super large, the beach redevelopment is still in progress, You also get the benefit of being close to great picnic areas, pedestrian walkways, skiing places, and attractions like Fort Point or Fort Mason. On a rough day, You’ll also see kiteboarders and sailboats who converge on this place to travel the port and zip back and forth under the Golden Gate Bridge.

7. Mile Rock Beach

Mile Rock Beach is located in a tiny village, remote lagoon hidden among the sturdy canyons of San Francisco’s lovely Lands End recreation area. Lands End is located at the corner of the town where the sea meets the port, and therefore offers clear panoramic views from the Golden Gate Bridge out to the Pacific. The lowest beachfront on The Ranking, Mile Rock Beach is more suited to a pleasant stroll and discovering the stones and wave baths. It’s also available from a set of walking trails and sits at the foot of a long cliff, high set of stairs, and prepare for a stressful climb up.

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