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7 Adorable East Coast Beach Towns for a Summer Getaway!

What Makes a Good Beach Town? The white sand beaches, the landmark approach, the size, the temperature, the celebs number, a good beach, or perhaps just some excellent salt-water candy? Well as the broader general interest in the subject of the, if our choices are something to get on with, a little bit of all of the above. From South Carolina to Maine, here are seven adorable! (and famous) beaches on the east coast.


1. Hamptons

Between the communities of Southampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor and East Hampton, the Hamptons have covered all bases, which is why the selection of perfect seaside places demonstrates to be so unique — and famous. You don’t have to be rich and famous to go on the sought-after holiday, but it will assist. From artists’ communities to A-list sheets, lobster rolls at beach parties, the Hamptons provide an inspiring cut.

2. Ogunquit, Maine

The winner of USA Today’s 10 Best Coastal Small Towns in The state was The 2004-2008 Coastal Small Towns List, Ogunquit is about to grow for the summer. With a quiet tranquility in place for most of the year, the beach town fills in the summertime with everyone in the know about its comfortable creative feeling, beautiful New England houses, peaceful harbor, but it’s beautiful, sugar-fine sandy beaches — the 15th best in the nation as voted for by TripAdvisor visitors.

3. Myrtle Beach

We may still be off the radar but here’s neither route, the other big southwest traveler neodymium — Myrtle Beach — could be ignored. Luring 17 May. 2 million guests a year and valued the 21st preferred U. S. S. City to visit in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, the beach town of South Carolina stays the position everyone wants to take; we assume 60 miles of sandy beaches beaches will do that. The comfort of golf, cuisine situation, fun activities, and choice of resorts both supported.

4. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Way out of the hangar of Cape Cod, Provincetown is the meaning of a temporary area. Cold observes the eateries, shops, bike rental companies stop talking about the cold snap and landlords get their sleep because the days of summer need scary weather. Residence in America’s ancient artist’s plantation, the region strengthens the progressive approach, this welcoming picture and has become the location of the club for Memorial Day vacation. Don’t leave without walking the gorgeous Beech Forest Trail or whale watching.

5. Coney Island

With 11 votes. 2 million yearly guests, Coney Island is up there as the many attended east coast beach towns. The beach was valued at third place in a ranking of America’s many packed seaside resorts, so that you won’t always have a problem finding a friend to assist you practice your suncream. For many who don’t like the shoulder-to-shoulder situation on the beach, This may be an Astroland theme park, or a snack and a walk around one of the iconic sidewalks.

6. Rehoboth, Delaware

the company is attracting six million tourists a year, Rehoboth is pretty popular for a coastal town area in Delaware. A little place, classic area for one foot, Rehoboth doesn’t have chains of stores or market stalls. Tour of the saltwater candy, lovely houses unused by the palms of period, whale viewing, Beach front, great beach, and naturally, the legends Dogfish Head Brewery — a popular tourist attraction in itself.

7. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is not an area, but instead of a large island, we’re going to invoke poetic license but just suggest that the whole stuff corresponds with one big old popular spot. From the immaculate and beautiful South Beach to the stunning Gay Head Cliffs, the rustic islands to trips through the grass Island Reservations, Martha’s Vineyard has a bunch worth visiting. It may be cheap but It stays one of its most famous east coast beach locations.

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