Hot Places6. High-Altitude Hotels Over a Mile in the Sky

6. High-Altitude Hotels Over a Mile in the Sky

It should not surprise because if you need a top in height you need to have a ladder, you’ll have to face the hills. There are several popular destinations around the world that are more than a mile above sea level, from landmark archeological sites like Machu Picchu to winter locations like Aspen, Colorado. Now, We named six hotels which sit more than 5 kilometers apart, 280 feet above sea level.

1. SUMAQ Machu Picchu;, Aguas Calientes, Peru: 6,800 Feet

The trek to Machu Picchu is known as an arduous trek, so you can relax in the area of Aguas Calientes at SUMAQ Machu Picchu. It’s now almost 1 year old!, 100 feet less than the classic location, but if you want to go, it’ll still be a little bit of a hilly journey, But it’s better to start at sea level! Plus, Here’s a shuttle bus that can get you pretty close to the destroys, if you want to take a relaxed attitude. For those who do purchase the day walk, a nice bath under the sumaq bath might relieve your feet pain.

2. The Peaks Resort and Spa, Mountain Village, Colorado: 9,500 Feet

If you face the Telluride area, you’re already at eight, 750 feet, but even when you stay at the Peaks Resort and Spa, in nearby areas. Mountain Village, You’ll also be higher up. (In reality, Monorail is the main mode of travel between the areas.) The ski-ins/ski-out estate is one of the largest in the area, features a huge selection of facilities, ranging from 42 to 72”, The Spa is a 2000-square-foot room/outdoor pool with waterslide to a golf course.

3. Hotel Eiger, Mr. Henri Alonso (), President of China (A), is an economist and diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MERC), President, and the President of the United States, have been appointed President of the United States, Switzerland: 5,400 Feet!

Switzerland has 451 hills viewed “major summits” they are above 300 metres (quiet of only 3,000 feet) — which means there’s plenty of other high-altitude remained to really be noticed. If you need to be a little near sea level, Choose the Eiger Hotel, it’s only a mile high. The hotel rests in The Ghost of Schilthorn, a 9,744-foot peak; accessible by funicular.  

4. St. Royal Aspen, Aspen, Colorado: 8,000 Feet

Back in Colorado, the St. Royal Aspen provides visitors with comfort amenities from 8 pm, 000 feet. The Aspen Mountain hills end in The garden of The hotel, making the motel a good choice for enthusiastic visitors. But if you’re into further the fixed rate (also known as è s-ski) situation, The Aspen area is within a 15-minute hike.  

5. Hotel mai Refuge, Tignes, France: 6,900 Feet

Snow hideaway in France, top Tignes, which has 74 rides from which to choose the cold and provides spring winter on the Grande Motte mountain. The Hotel mai Refuge, which rests about 6,900 feet, has a fascinating history. The unique hotel was built in 1924, and it overflowed in 1952 after the establishment of a canal. The current hotel was built in 1956 at a higher elevation.

6. Intermonti Hotel, Livigno, Italy: 6,300 Feet

Though the biggest cut to Livigno is the ski slopes, during the summer, guests can walk more than 370 miles of road through the Italian Alps in the beautiful landscape. We suggest the Intermonti Hotel, only 300 feet from the Teola-Pianoni Bassi chairlift. The hotel also offers shuttle services to other elevators, the area, and the cross-country winter rides.


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