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5. Races Especially Worth Running (Because They’re in Beautiful Places)

Dedicated runs are understood to transport far and large to participate in races, There’s no shortage of long-distance runners who schedule their annual getaways around running. Nevertheless, also comfortable runers who set their sights on smaller runs such as half triathlons and 5k/10k races will consider there are more than enough wonderful races around the world. No matter what your range of options is, here are five stunning races worth pursuing.  

1. Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, Cambodia

Held every cold during Cambodia’s dry season, the International Half Marathon Angkor Wat offers what is quickly the most unusual way to enjoy the remains of Siem Reap. Began in 1996 as a way to raise money for Cambodian land miner people, The international running event offers both able-bodied and disabled athletes the chance to run alongside ancient temples at a light pace. Activities that involve 10ks for anyone with artificial limbs, and a half marathon for both runners and wheelchairs.  

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2. Malta Maraton

Held on the beautiful island of Malta, the yearly Malta Marathon offers a run of all performance levels with an option to gondola through some of the country’s many beautiful historic places. The marathon and The half marathon are both open at The beginning of May, Malta’s former capital (and is currently under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage position); here’s also a tally of links “walkathon” For those who want to run a half marathon but may not be prepared to run the whole thing.  

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3. Patagonian International Marathon, Chile

One with the most stunning Southern Hemisphere races, the high-altitude Patagonian International Marathon takes places every flower (in September) in Chile’s Patagonia part, not far from Torres como Paine National Park. Running choices include a marathon, half-marathon, and 10k, with tough roads curling through the landscape, surrounded by immaculate ponds and sturdy snow-capped hills.  

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4. Avenue of the Giants, California

If you like running in the outdoors but nevertheless recommend roads to all-out trail running, the Avenue of the Giants Marathon in Redwood Forest in Northern California is an excellent choice. The above annual forest drive through The area takes place annually on The first Sunday of May, all of the classes lead a mostly apartment path along the area’s popular Avenue of the Giants, surrounded by old-growth Redwood plants, something over 300 feet high.

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5. Kilimanjaro Marathon, Tanzania

Few people would say they’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but even smaller could suggest they ran a marathon at the popular hill. The Kilimanjaro Marathon is currently not a mountaintop drive, moving to Tanzania to drive a run will definitely pay you a good price. Fully and half marathon options and a 5k fun run are available; Here’s a mobility video/handycycle 10k. Classes pass through communities, Breakfast and fruit farmland, and communities, and plenty of live entertainment at the finish line.


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