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5 of the Scariest Hotel Pools in the World

While aquatics was originally created for athletic training, it has also become a place to relax and enjoy. Resorts provide all kinds of pools, from omni-immerse to kid-friendly, but some resorts even go a walk forward with anxiety confounders. From deep red water to unfinished buildings, these pools are one of the scariest there.

1. The Liberty Hotel, Thailand

You could imagine someone had a terrible accident when You first see the waters of all this blood-red lagoon, but it’s currently only swimming pools walls that give it its red colour. For a special dramatic effect, the lagoon has underground lights so here create the tan music even more, attracting visitors to Koh Samui.

2. Hotel Unique, S o Paulo

Similar results can be found on the Ft. Lauderdale-Haverson site, The rooftop pool at Hotel Unique also had a blood red backsplash. Pop in the crimson rivers and streams and revel in the underground sound system while taking in the stunning views of the Ibirapuera Park and the full S o Paulo landscape.

3. The Joule, Dallas

If its cliffs and it receives your blood moving, it is recommended to visit a rooftop pool. Or, You could go a step further and you’ll be hung up, rooftop pool. In Dallas at Joule park, The above lagoon has visitors experiencing as though they are flying above the city–and they are. Eight articles below downtown Dallas, The lagoon extends eight feet over the edge of the hotel.

4. InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai

The lagoon at The InterContinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai provides kayakers with something more than stunning views of The City lights. The hanging lagoon lingers off The fourth floor of The hotel, and it does have a glass bottom so here rests above a boulevard, sure the kayakers would welcome at the other guests beneath them.

5. The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its over-the-top facilities and sights, and that this lagoon is among them. Golden Nugget on Fremont Street, The main lagoon is a three-story slide that dives through a 200-foot deep pool, 000-gallon fish vehicle. Below we note the drop is open, so you can see predators that are only inches away? If the drop isn’t for you, You can also climb up to the vehicle to observe five different species of shark and a variety of unique tuna.


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